Debbie King and El Campbell

Recorded January 30, 2022 Archived January 30, 2022 37:45 minutes
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Debbie King (42) shares a conversation with her friend, El Campbell (31), about gender fluidity, coming out, community, capitalism, and living with a chronic illness.

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EC talks about gender fluidity and about using they/them pronouns.
EC talks about what it was like growing up non-binary. They also talk about coming out and about their friends.
EC talks about how their life has turned out differently than they expected.
EC talks about what they are most proud of in life.
EC talks about living with a chronic illness and about her friend who passed away from the same illness.
EC talks about daily challenges that they face. They also talk about assessing the safety of different people and situations and about performing gender before they came out.
EC talks about the wisdom they would like to pass on to others.
EC talks about community organizing and the people who they have formed connections with. EC and DK also talk about the effects that capitalism has on people.


  • Debbie King
  • El Campbell

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation

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