Deborah Binder and Michael Reynolds

Recorded March 17, 2023 Archived March 17, 2023 38:02 minutes
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Deborah Binder (38) interviews friend and colleague Michael Reynolds (77) about his work designing and building Earthships as well as his outlook on life and humanity. The two reflect on the importance of sustainable housing and its ability to improve human life on this planet.

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[Track 1] Michael Reynolds (MR) talks about the importance of everyone having sustainable housing and its ability to make human life on this planet better.
MR explains the product he and Deborah Binder (DB) have worked to develop: Earthship buildings that are completely off-grid.
[Track 2] DB asks MR about his idea to spread the Earthship concept around the world.
MR remembers the moment he decided to let his project go to press.
[Track 3] MR talks about the possibility of people leasing Earthships as easily as they might lease a car.
DB explains what she likes about the term “Earthship.”
MR talks about wanting to influence humans to be more inclusive, not just towards all other life on earth but also towards each other.
DB asks MR how being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer several years ago influences how he thinks, feels, and works.
DB asks MR what he would want the world to look like.


  • Deborah Binder
  • Michael Reynolds