Debra Gwynn and Bruce Gwynn

Recorded December 16, 2019 Archived December 16, 2019 38:51 minutes
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Id: MBY019505


Bruce Gwynn (71) interviews his wife Debra "Debbie" Gwynn (66) about her life, family and business in Yuma.

Subject Log / Time Code

BG asks DG where she was born.
DG remembers a specific educator that impacted her life.
DG recalls her involvement with the local rodeo.
DG discusses becoming a mother for the first time.
BG asks DG to discuss her relationship and experience with BG's sobriety.
DG discusses the origins of the business she and BG own.
BG asks DG her feelings about being a grandmother.
DG discusses her community service.
DG expresses her gratitude to Yuma.


  • Debra Gwynn (b. 1953)
  • Bruce Gwynn (b. 1948)

Recording Location

Yuma Art Center