Debra Lombardozzi and Patricia Hansen

Recorded February 6, 2022 Archived February 6, 2022 34:09 minutes
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Debra Lombardozzi (67) interviews her friend Patricia "Patti" Hansen (64) about the loss of her two children, how she coped with grief, and how she tries to help others today.

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PH talks about getting married and having children at a young age, and eventually getting a divorce.
PH remembers her daughter's struggle with depression, and talks about her taking her own life.
PH describes going to bereavement counseling, and talks about starting a suicide support group.
PH talks about how her son dealt with his sister's death.
PH talks about the loss of her son in a motorcycle accident.
PH discusses why she joined Toastmasters, and the impact it has had on her life. She talks about sharing her story to try and help others.
PH talks about journaling to relieve her grief.


  • Debra Lombardozzi
  • Patricia Hansen

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