Dennis Darnoi and James Thomas

Recorded July 26, 2023 Archived July 26, 2023 50:33 minutes
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On Small Step partners Dennis Darnoi (54) and James Thomas (56) discuss how to handle friends and neighbors with extreme views, their thoughts on bringing grandchildren into a complicated world, and why they think they "had it better" when they were kids.

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Dennis Darnoi and James Thomas share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Dennis and James discuss how they both ended up in Michigan.
Dennis and James discuss what they'd like to do when they retire.
Dennis and James discuss their lives growing up.
Dennis and James discuss how they think they "had it better" than their own kids.
James shares why he doesn't believe all the media "doom and gloom," and why he thinks young people will continue to improve on the world they inherit.
Dennis shares his experience working for the Republican party and his "crisis of faith" after the 2016 election.
James shares his faith journey.
Dennis shares how he "weeded out" people in his life who can't disagree civilly.
James describes his frustration finding trusted sources about local candidates.
Dennis describes his experience working with U.S. Supreme Court justices who could disagree while maintaining camaraderie.
Dennis shares why he prefers local news sources to national ones.
James shares how he first got interested in politics.
Dennis shares his concerns about artificial intelligence.
James shares how he deals with close-minded neighbors.
Dennis and James discuss the hobbies they hope to pass on to their children and other young people.
Dennis and James share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Dennis Darnoi
  • James Thomas

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