Diana Cortina-Rodriguez and Norma Taulet Ball

Recorded November 19, 2022 Archived November 19, 2022 40:31 minutes
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Diana Cortina-Rodriguez (33) speaks with her grandmother Norma Taulet-Ball (90) about her life growing up in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

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Norma speaks about her birth in Puerto Rico.
Norma speaks about growing up in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
Norma describes the town she grew up in.
Norma explains about turning 15 and living not too far from an Air Force base. She was aware of WWII, but it didn't impact her family.
Norma talks about taking a 5-hour train ride from Arecibo to Miramar in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Norma talks about Jorge Rodriquez Martinez, who became her husband.
They were married on her birthday, October 11th, before he left for Korea. He asked her to leave Puerto Rico for Miami so that he could finish his architecture degree at the University of Miami.
Because she knew English and Spanish, the move was easy for her.
The family moved back to Puerto Rico with their oldest daughter Denise.
Norma bought a beach house at Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico.
They speak about the teachers in their family.
Norma talks about the racism and micro-aggressions that she still faces.
Norma speaks about her travels.
Diana shares with the Norma the words that the family uses to describe her.


  • Diana Cortina-Rodriguez
  • Norma Taulet Ball

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Atlanta History Center

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