Diana Murillo retires following 33 years of dedicated service to the US government.

Recorded February 20, 2018 Archived February 20, 2018 03:29 minutes
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Diana Murillo has dedicated 18 years to working in the US Embassy in Panama since February 22, 2000 and a total of 33 years with the US government. As employees of the U.S. Embassy of Panama prepare to retire they take with them experiences and a part of history as seen through their eyes. Working at the U.S. Embassy in Panama in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s involved tense diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Panama which culminated in the Torrijos/Carter Treaty returning the Panama Canal to Panama and later Operation Just Cause in which the U.S. liberated Panama from the brutal dictator Noriega. Through these interviews we hope to preserve some of the rich history observed as well as honor the valued service of decades of devoted work to the U.S. Embassy.


  • Diana Murillo

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