Dina Wood and Bailey Shepard

Recorded December 16, 2021 Archived December 16, 2021 01:01:24 minutes
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One Small Step Conversation partners Dina Wood (66) and Bailey Shepard (34) discuss experiences in college, major influences in their life, personal values, and political points view.

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Dina and Bailey discuss what brought them to do this interview.
Bailey speaks about becoming more liberal through undergrad and other factors that contributed to that.
Dina talks about the most influential people in her life: her mom, her daughters and her first-grade teacher.
Dina and Bailey discuss their upbringing, family, and other people who have contributed to their political views.
Dina and Bailey discuss the Vietnam War.
They start to talk about their experiences volunteering for the Peace Corps.
The participants discuss the idea of multiple political parties and the limitation of having few.
Dina and Bailey reflect on their international worldview and how Peace Corps influenced that.
Dina and Bailey end with their hopes for the future and how they want to see more kindness in society.


  • Dina Wood
  • Bailey Shepard

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