Dolores Duenez, Lora Holt, and Tony Duenez

Recorded February 5, 2023 Archived February 5, 2023 36:28 minutes
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Siblings Lora Holt (57) and Tony Duenez (53) interview their mother, Dolores Duenez (80), about her years growing up in El Paso, her time in California juggling college and motherhood, and the influence of creativity and the arts in their family.

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Dolores Duenez (DD) talks about growing up in El Paso and moving houses a lot.
DD remembers keeping little fish, guppies, in jars.
DD talks about moving to California in the 60s and starting to attend Santa Ana College.
Lora Holt (LH) remembers pretending to be sick as a little girl so she could go to class with her mom.
DD talks about juggling school, motherhood, and work.
DD remembers giving up her scholarship opportunity at UC Irvine to transfer to Cal State Fullerton.
DD talks about wanting more out of life than to be a housewife.
DD reflects on people outgrowing each other in marriage.
Tony Duenez (TD) talks about his decision to go to school in Florida for filmmaking.


  • Dolores Duenez
  • Lora Holt
  • Tony Duenez

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La Fe Community Center

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