Dolores Medina and Fanny Guadalupe Blauer

Recorded September 21, 2022 Archived September 21, 2022 31:25 minutes
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Dolores “Lolita” Medina (55) speaks with friend Fanny Guadalupe Blauer (48) about her family history, Mexican-American and indigenous identity, and carrying on the family legacy through food, language, and love.

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L shares about the three sisters in her family that came to the U.S. during the Mexican Revolution, and their lives in Utah.
L describes growing up in Utah as a Mexican-American. She reflects on her Mexican-American identity, and her journey to reconnect with her roots.
L and F discuss what it means to be Mexican and their families' relationship with their indigenous heritage. L shares how important learning Spanish has been to her sense of identity.
L explains how and why her family entered the restaurant business. She remembers her grandmother Dolores, and shares how she feels carrying on her legacy running the restaurant.
L describes the moment she saw her grandmother in her own reflection, and could appreciate her own indigenous beauty.
L talks about what each generation has added to their restaurant and family in the past 55 years. L and F discuss the restaurant, and L shares about the dishes that connect her to her mother.
L thinks about what her grandma Dolores would tell her today. L shares her advice for new generations, and her gratitude for the generations before her.


  • Dolores Medina
  • Fanny Guadalupe Blauer

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Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

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