Dominique St. Vil and Zazil Davis-Vazquez

Recorded March 2, 2022 Archived March 2, 2022 36:22 minutes
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Dominique St. Vil (37) tells his interviewer, Zazil Davis-Vazquez (27), about his work in transgender rights advocacy in Haiti.

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Dominique St. Vil (D) tells Zazil Davis-Vazquez (Z) why he is in New York, sharing that he is part of the Human Rights Advocates Program at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. He also says he is going to visit his mother’s grave.
D describes some of the work he does in Haiti as an advocate for transgender rights. D considers who his role models are, and what it is like being a role model for the trans youth he works with.
D shares why he named himself after his father when he transitioned, saying he chose to be a different Dominique than his father.
D discusses his dream of becoming a parent. He considers the kind of parent he would like to be, and shares what he has learned about chosen family versus blood relations.
D recalls being a timid and introverted child, feeling at odds while being in an all-girls school. He remembers how much he enjoyed reading as a child.
D says the women in his life are his biggest influences.
D talks about how his activism gives him purpose and considers how it affects his relationship with his parents.
D shares that his happiest moment was when his trans advocacy group, OTRAH (Organisation Trans d’Haiti) became its own organization. He talks about what OTRAH offers, including health support, gender-affirming services, legal support, and support for survivors of gender-based violence.
D discusses his spiritual beliefs, saying they are rooted in voodoo. He also talks about the stigma against voodoo, and notes the importance of connecting with other practitioners. D compares stigma against voodoo to stigma against the LGBT+ community, and shares that one’s self-acceptance attracts like-minded people.
D shares a message to folks working to create the change they hope to see within their own backyards.


  • Dominique St. Vil
  • Zazil Davis-Vazquez

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