Dominique Troy and Lisa D'Ambrosio

Recorded April 14, 2023 Archived April 14, 2023 41:44 minutes
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Mother, Lisa D'Ambrosio (55), and Daughter, Dominique Troy (31), speak about faith and family.

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Lisa (L) describes her childhood, her introversion, and why people thought she may have had a speech impediment.
L speaks about skateboarding as a kid and how it was a good solo activity.
L provides depiction of the livestock she grew up with– but also shows how she transitioned out of loving the outdoors.
Dominique (D) describes how she started hiking while at college in California.
D talks about the way hikes make her feel and how she interacts with herself in those moments.
D remembers a walk in Yosemite where she saw, "Flo" carved into a tree– reminding her of her grandma's nickname.
L and D reminisce about Flo.
L talks about her mother's forgiveness and this brings some tears to both L and D's eyes.
L remembers the tradition of having family meals every Sunday. She brings up her grandmother's ravioli. This tradition is now faded but still happens each Christmas Eve.
D describes her Christmas eve duties.
L talks about why she named her first daughter, Dominique.
L recalls the birth of D and how the hospital mismatched the bracelets of mother and daughter.
L remembers a period in her life when work was difficult. But in a spiritually moving experience, she received a letter that was addressed to her late mother with a dream catcher inside.
D talks about her experience coming back from an immersion retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. On the side of the road, she helped a man replace his tire. Immediately after leaving, the combination of a song,
D describes her faith as it stands now.
L admits to the fear and pride she felt for D when she got involved with more social justice work in early adulthood.
L describes what she thought about D going to college so far away.
L talks about similarities and differences between D and her sibling.
L speaks to what it was like being a single mother and how connected she feels to her two kids.
L describes giving birth to D at 24 and what it was like "growing up together".
D reminisces on the inclusion that L created in their household growing up.
L reflects on concerns she had for her kids as they were growing up.
Both L and D speak to how they want to be remembered.
L and D describe their grandmother Flo in a bit more detail.


  • Dominique Troy
  • Lisa D'Ambrosio

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