Don Roden and Rosemary Roden

Recorded October 29, 2020 Archived October 29, 2020 39:13 minutes
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Spouses Don Roden (71) and Rosemary Roden (68) center their conversation about coming from military families, Don's experience serving in Vietnam, and share pieces of family history regarding military involvement.

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DR talks about growing up, says he had three brothers and said that because he was the baby he was pampered more, and that they grew up on a farm in Texas.
DR talks about moving back to West Texas after his parents divorced, to live with a friend to finish out high school and then talks about joining the Marine Corps.
DR talks about lots of the loss he saw in Vietnam, both losing his fellow soldiers and also while on patrol of their camps.
DR describes a moment when he had been badly injured in a blast and describes the injuries he was suffering.
DR talks about the Texas Panhandle War Memorial and RR talks about how proud she is of DR for serving their country.
DR talks about the career options that the military offers for veterans who have finished their service.
RR talks about how she and DR met.
DR talks about how the pandemic has affected programming for the Texas Panhandle War Memorial.
RR talks about her mother, who she says was a war bride from France who came to the U.S. at 17 years old and never went back to France.
DR and RR talk about visiting Normandy, seeing the beach where the U.S. was stationed and the bunkers.
RR talks about how her mom met her GI dad and says eventually the marriage did not work out.


  • Don Roden (b. 1949)
  • Rosemary Roden (b. 1952)

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