Don Simmons and Gabriel Mora

Recorded February 24, 2020 Archived February 24, 2020 39:36 minutes
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Don Simmons (63) talks to his partner, Gabriel Mora (36), about coming to Fresno and feeling cared for by the residents of Fresno when he was experiencing a medical crisis. He follows by talking about his life here as a professor at Fresno State and someone who has integrated himself in the work of historic preservation of local structures.

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DS recalls moving to Fresno from San Francisco in 2001.
DS talks about the support he got from his neighbors in Fresno when he suffered a brain hemorrhage.
DS discusses his work as a college professor.
DS talks about his tradition of having students over to his house each semester.
DS talks about buying and restoring his 20th century home in Fresno and getting involved with historic preservation in the community.
DS explains what it means to live a "seamless" life.
DS recalls losing his best friend on September 11th. He remembers meeting GM soon after the tragedy.
GM remembers a community event DS brought him to at the start of their relationship.


  • Don Simmons (b. 1956)
  • Gabriel Mora (b. 1983)

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