Donal Godfrey and Leandro Gonzales

Recorded April 27, 2023 Archived April 27, 2023 39:03 minutes
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Mentor and mentee Fr. Donal Godfrey (64) and Leandro Gonzalez (38) talk about their experiences as openly gay men in the Catholic Church. They reflect on their faith journeys, their lives in San Francisco, and their friendship.

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Leandro talks about preparing to complete from his graduate program and reflects on his experience growing up in Salinas, California.
Leandro talks about his experience growing up Catholic and gay. He reflects on coming out after college. Donal and Leandro reflect on their shared experiences and their connections to the Jesuits.
Donal and Leandro talk about reconciling parts of their identities and struggling with their sexuality as Catholics. Donal reflects on finding a way to love the Church.
Donal talks about starting his career as a barrister and reflects on his path to the priesthood. He reflects on his struggle to choose between different forms of love.
Donal and Leandro talk about experiencing bullying in their lives. They reflect on their processes of coming to terms with coming out.
Leandro talks about moving to San Francisco and becoming engaged in service work in the community.
Donal talks about studying the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. He reflects on his relationship to the community and on the impact of the AIDS epidemic on the neighborhood's parish.
Donal talks about the biggest lessons that he'e learned in life. He talks about acting from the heart.
Leandro talks about the biggest lessons he's learned in life. Donal and Leandro reflect on the biggest changes they've seen in society in terms of openness to the LGBTQ+ community.
Donal and Leandro talk about how they'd like to be remembered.
They talk about what they'd say to younger versions of themselves.
They talk about how their relationship with each other as mentor and mentee has impacted their faith.


  • Donal Godfrey
  • Leandro Gonzales

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University of San Francisco

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