Donna Manion and Claudia Tewell

Recorded February 5, 2022 Archived February 5, 2022 37:45 minutes
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Donna Manion (64) interviews her mother, Claudia Tewell (80), about her upbringing, being a single mother, her career, and her life now.

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CT talks about her difficult childhood and the loss of her brothers.
CT talks about meeting DM's father on a blind date. She describes being kicked out of high school because she was pregnant with DM, and talks about her life afterwards.
CT describes working for the postal service and discusses her career journey.
DM asks CT what it was like being a single mom.
CT talks about meeting her current husband.
DM describes how CT found a way to keep their family together. CT talks about her ex-husband's second wife and the bond they shared.
CT talks about being able to help people in her current line of work. DM talks about the grandmother CT has become.
CT thinks about what she'd like to say to other single mothers, and reflects on the challenges she has faced in her life. DM describes the importance of CT's husband in their lives.
DM celebrates CT for all that she has overcome, and the loves she has given to her family


  • Donna Manion
  • Claudia Tewell

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