Donnell Graves and Kelvin Powell

Recorded January 21, 2021 Archived January 21, 2021 46:48 minutes
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Friends Donnell Graves (61) and Kelvin Powell (50) talk about their identity, being raised by amazing mothers, and the love and appreciation they have for Boston.

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KP talks about being born in Chicago and growing up in Mississippi. KP talks about his family and what it was like growing up in the South.
KP talks about his best friend and shares he was the best man at his wedding. He remembers his best friend changing his wedding venue because the deacons did not want KP at the church because he was black.
KP talks about his mother's reaction to him hanging out with a gay man.
KP talks about moving to Boston.
DG talks about being born and raised in Boston. DG shares that his parents were from the South.
DG shares that he knew he was gay when he was 6 years old.
DG talks about being raised by a single mother and shares that he had an amazing childhood. He talks about his love for The Supremes.
DG talks about gay clubs in Boston. He talks about his passions and shares that he is passionate about politics and helping people. He shares he was a corrections officer for over 20 years.
DG and KP talk about the importance of politics and research.


  • Donnell Graves
  • Kelvin Powell