Donnie Nelson and Nona Yunzhu Mei

Recorded June 30, 2022 Archived June 30, 2022 40:27 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Donnie Nelson [no age given] and Dr. Nona Yunzhu Mei (41) share a conversation about their work in palliative care. They also talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted patients and healthcare providers and about the importance of mental healthcare and self-care.

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NYM talks about her role as a doctor and how she and DN work together. DN talks about his role as a palliative care nurse.
NYM explains her views on palliative care and says that it is an often under-recognized and underutilized field.
DN talks about some of the unique and valuable characteristics of palliative care.
NYM talks about the importance of treating each patient holistically, especially when they are at such critical points in their life.
NYM talks about a patient who impacted her.
DN talks about helping bring patients closer to their family members when they couldn’t visit them in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.
DN says that NYM is part of a new era of doctors who have holistic approaches to patient care. NYM and DN also talk about do-not-resuscitate orders.
NYM and DN talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted them and the hospital. They talk about when the government restricted visitors to the hospital in March 2020.
DN talks about how the pandemic impacted palliative care.
NYM talks about the COVID-19 outbreak in San Quentin State Prison in July 2020 and people from that prison being treated in their hospital.
DN and NYM talk about some of the patients from San Quentin Prison who impacted them.
DN talks about compassion fatigue and self-care. NYM talks about how the pandemic added an extra layer of difficulty to making decisions about life and death because of the ethical aspects related to scarcity.
NYM and DN talk about their shared love of cats.


  • Donnie Nelson
  • Nona Yunzhu Mei

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