Donovan Ethan John Beveridge and Nels Beveridge

Recorded October 7, 2022 Archived October 7, 2022 40:50 minutes
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Donovan Ethan John Beveridge (23) and his father, Nels Beveridge (61), share a conversation about their family history and Nels' military career.

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NB remembers when DB was born.
DB and NB discuss their family's names.
NB and DB look forward to their upcoming trip to Moab, Utah.
NB and DB talk about their Scottish ancestors.
NB describes his U.S. Military service, as well as his current job.
DB explains how their family ended up living in Utah.
NB looks back on his military service in Germany.
DB and NB discuss their ancestors' military background.
NB describes his military service in more detail.
DB and NB talk about the Mormon leaders to whom they are related.
DB and NB share advice for those listening.


  • Donovan Ethan John Beveridge
  • Nels Beveridge

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Weber County Library System - Main Library