"Don't take yourself too seriously. Try and always put yourself in a new perspective." an interview with Lara Patricia Sotto

Recorded July 5, 2019 Archived July 5, 2019 14:43 minutes
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While many of the interviews at the conference were with experienced professionals with a career spanning several decades, this interview is with a young up-and-coming PhD student who traveled all the way from the Philippines to attend her first AGU meeting. What’s it like to travel 14,000 km to a place where you don’t really know anyone? Lara talks about the app (she loves it), talking to strangers in the convention center, and the best advice she’s received in her journey: “don’t take yourself too seriously”. Back home, she took that advice to heart, joining an ultimate frisbee team. She keeps herself engaged by trying to explain science concepts in the environment to her non-scientist friends. (Recorded 14 December 2018)


  • Lara Patricia Sotto
  • Greg Roth

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