Dorna Inniss and Laura James

Recorded April 29, 2022 Archived April 29, 2022 33:47 minutes
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Sisters Dorna Innis (78) and Laura James (75) talk about their upbringing in Panama, their careers, and family.

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DI talks about her upbringing in Panama as the eldest daughter and when she immigrated the the U.S. at 19 years old.
DI talks bout how their grandparents came from Barbados to Panama to build the Panama Canal.
LJ explains the cultural significance of naming and her involvement with the Panama Canal International Alumni Association.
LJ talks about her job as the Director of the Summer Youth Employment Program at Medgar Evers College.
DI talks about her job at the Hilton in hospitality and her retirement.
DI and LJ talk about their 14 siblings, their children, and grandchildren.
LJ talks about the race relations of the Panama Canal.
DI and LJ talk about respecting religious differences between their siblings and their own religious practices.
LG talks about Black History Month in Panama.


  • Dorna Inniss
  • Laura James

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YWCA Brooklyn

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