Dorothy Garza and Twilla Booker

Recorded November 5, 2021 Archived November 5, 2021 38:43 minutes
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Friends Twilla Booker (59) talks with Dorothy Garza (63) about Dorothy’s childhood, her family, her time in college, in the Air Force, in Alaska, and Japan, her children, and about the life lessons that she would like to pass on to others.

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DG talks about being adopted and about how she got the name Dorothy. She also talks about growing up in Mobile, Alabama.
DG talks about the relationships she had with her adoptive parents and her biological parents.
DG remembers being bullied in school and talks about becoming friends with her neighbors.
DG talks about going to Knoxville College for a year before joining the Air Force.
DG tells a story about going skiing for the first time.
DG talks about meeting her future husband, about their relationship, and about how they ended up marrying.
DG remembers when she was stationed in Alaska and her husband was stationed in Japan.
DG talks about going to live in Japan with her husband and about the different jobs and hobbies she had while living there.
DG talks about returning to the United States and about her children.
DG shares the message she would like to give to her children. She also talks about how grateful she is for her friends.
DG talks about her favorite color, lime-green, and about how that became her favorite color.


  • Dorothy Garza
  • Twilla Booker

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Columbus Public Library