Gene Bozniak and Chaplain Andersen

Recorded October 5, 2022 Archived October 5, 2022 35:48 minutes
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Chaplain D. S. "Shane" Andersen (54) interviews his former college professor Dr. Gene "Boz" Bozniak (79) about his life, experiences, and impact as an educator on students.

Subject Log / Time Code

S refers to a student of G that created a book for G.
S reflects on his experiences and teachings from G.
G talks about where he grew up. G also recalls his experience in school and talks about mentors.
G talks about how he became interested in Algology.
G talks about this first impression of S.
G recalls being 10 in 1952 and starts talking about revolutionary technology.
G talks about the internet and expresses what he learned. G also talks about historical surprises.
G recalls his grandparents and shares a memory.
S reflects on his health, activism, and the impact G has had on his life.
G talks about the epitome of success and what students have meant to him.
G talks about initiating the class, Environment Appreciation.
S talks about a superpower that he gained from G.


  • Gene Bozniak
  • Chaplain Andersen

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Weber County Library System - Main Library