Dr. Rosemary Henrich and Lisa Gibson

Recorded November 2, 2022 Archived November 2, 2022 33:52 minutes
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Friends Dr. Rosemary Henrich (80) and Lisa Gibson (60) discuss Lisa's time as a caregiver to her father Mr. Leroy Gibson.

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R asks L if she thought she would become a primary caregiver
R asks L about how she prepared to bring her father home
R asks L about her work life balance between having a full-time job and being a full-time caregiver for her father Mr. Leroy Gibson
R asks L about the most important qualities in a caregiver
L highlights the friends she’s made as a caregiver
L reminisces on how she faced her father’s death
L and R discuss Mr. Leroy Gibson’s burial with full honors
R asks L about her grief and coping mechanisms following Mr. Leroy Gibson’s death
L highlights how being a caregiver enriched her life
L looks back on Mr. Leroy Gibson’s job transition from being in the military to becoming a nurse
R asks L why she became a caregiver
L lists questions she would ask a prospective caregiver to determine if they are ready for the responsibility


  • Dr. Rosemary Henrich
  • Lisa Gibson

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Rainbow Library