Dymeah Casey and Nicholas Rinehart

Recorded April 20, 2022 Archived April 20, 2022 38:55 minutes
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Partners Dymeah Casey (29) and Nicholas Rinehart (30) talk about Dymeah's service in the United States National Guard, preconceived notions of military service, and the obstacles of paying for college.

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NR asks DC what she remembers about the day she enlisted. DC shares she went alone and remembers the enlistment questions.
DC talks about her military family and growing up in Pennsylvania as an adopted child. She joined the National Guard at 18 to pay for college.
DC talks about backlash and discrimination she faced as a Black woman with textured hair in the military.
DC was discharged in 02/2020, and shares her transition back to civilian life and enrolling in school. She shares that she wishes there were more options for paying for college.
NR asks DC what advice she would give to Black women interested in the military. DC shares that they might experience the same kinds of discrimination in any profession.
DC asks NR about his preconceived notions of the military. NR shares that he thought people in the military were all conservative. DC shares that she wants civilians to know that people enlist in the military for different reasons.
DC shares how she became a linguist in the National Guard.
DC asks NR how she helped change his preconceived notions of the military. He says that by learning more about DC's military experience he was able to better understand military service.


  • Dymeah Casey
  • Nicholas Rinehart

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