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Country sensation Easton Corbin chatted via phone about his latest studio album All Over the Road, which will be released on September 18, 2012, via his record label, Mercury Nashville.

Corbin’s sophomore album was produced by Carson Chamberlain. “Carson is not only a great producer but a great friend of mine and he understands the music that I do since he grew up on traditional country and he knows how to compliment that very well with my sound,” he says.

Corbin noted that it took him one year to come up with the songs for his eleven-track album and the wait was well worth it. “I was excited to get new material out and looking back, I am glad that we took that long to find these songs, since I feel that we have eleven quality songs on there. Every song on the record means something to me and I hope that the fans can relate to them as well,” he says. “It still has that traditional sound that everybody recognizes but on top of that it showcases my growth and it touches on some subjects that I haven’t before. I think this record is just as good if not better than my first one.”

Growing up, Corbin was inspired musically by such iconic country singers as George Jones, Merle Haggard and the late Keith Whitley. Although Corbin has a distinct sound to his voice, he is a fan of such vocalists as George Strait, Alan Jackson and Joe Nichols. “I love Strait and Jackson, and I love Nichols’ voice since he is one of the best singers out there,” he says.

Debut Single: “Lovin’ You is Fun”

His lead-off single “Lovin’ You is Fun” is already a Top 10 hit on country radio. “It’s a cool little song and you can tap your foot to it and you can sing along with it. Although it’s a traditional country song, it’s a little different than anything that is on the radio or in mr green online casino right now and I think that it catches the listener’s ear,” he says.

The song’s music video, directed by Shaun Silva, was filmed in Austin, Texas, and it is in heavy rotation at Country Music Television (CMT).

Corbin’s “Hearts Drawn in the Sand” is a special tune since it reminds him of his native Florida. “It talks about the St. John’s Pier and I love the beach and it’s just a young song about having a good time,” he says.

Yet another captivating track is “A Thing For You,” which he co-wrote with his producer and Tony Lane. “I love how they write and the simple language that they use. With the statements in the song being so simple, I think they say something really big,” he says.

Proudest Moment: Playing the Grand Ole Opry

Throughout his career in the genre, he was the recipient of three American Country Awards in 2010, and two of his songs (“A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It”) have reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Charts, yet his proudest accomplishment thus far involves playing on the Grand Ole Opry stage. “My grandparents had the chance to come the first time and were a part of that and that was the ‘Super Bowl’ to them, since it’s the biggest stage that one can perform in country music,” he says.

In the future, Corbin looks forward to continue making music that people will love and he hopes that his songs will make a difference in their lives. “Being able to play live is one of the coolest things that I am able to do out here,” he says.


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