Ebony Isis Booth and Sheryl Felecia Means

Recorded April 10, 2023 Archived April 10, 2023 41:40 minutes
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Friends, colleagues, and co-conspirators Ebony Isis Booth (41) and Dr. Sheryl Felecia Means (31) discuss burnout, the medical racism Black women face in seeking reproductive care, ancestral healing, and rest as resistance.

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E and S reflect on why they both left Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the burnout they have experienced working to improve the quality of life for Black women and girls in New Mexico.
E reflects on the need for community in working for liberation and inclusion and talks about her experience moving back east.
E and S discuss the challenge of accessing reproductive healthcare as Black women in the United States and share about the medical racism they have faced.
S reflects on what she has learned about caring for and advocating for herself over the past years. E and S discuss healing from generational exploitation and medical trauma.
E and S discuss the challenge of allowing E herself time to rest and heal after surgery. E shares about the ancestral healing work she is doing around her hysterectomy.
E shares about the ways she is showing herself care and allowing herself to rest. E and S discuss rest and self-care as resistance.
E and S reflect on the option of pursuing a Ph.D. as Black women, and S shares her experience getting a Ph.D.


  • Ebony Isis Booth
  • Sheryl Felecia Means