Edoardo Kulp and Dominic Crapuchettes

Recorded February 23, 2020 Archived February 23, 2020 38:11 minutes
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Edoardo Kulp (50) speaks with his coworker Dominic Crapucchettes (50) about the origins of North Star Games, his board game company.

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DC speaks about North Star Games, getting into board games at a young age with family, his father putting him in chess tournaments, and the toys he would play with as a child. DC recalls creating a board game in 8th grade and having it banned from his school.
DC remembers playing early computer and board games, and speaks about stigmas between “normal people” vs. “nerds or socially awkward people.”
DC speaks about his family’s attitude of being idealistically driven vs. financially, working in Alaska every summer as a fishing captain, and testing new board games with his crew.
DC remembers college and playing Magic The Gathering.
DC tells the story of a major storm on his fishing boat that inspired him to leave the business to get into board games.
DC recalls going to get an MBA in order to start his board game company, and the early days of his business. DC discusses game design and artistry, and how board games reflect the society they are made in.
DC speaks about the early days of going on the road to sell his board games, and the “MBA sweatshop” in his basement, where they initially constructed the games. EK and DC reflect on the success and ups and downs of the past few years.
DC speaks about quitting his family’s fishing business, and his parents.


  • Edoardo Kulp (b. 1969)
  • Dominic Crapuchettes (b. 1969)

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Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

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