Eliana Banuelos and Mario Banuelos

Recorded March 13, 2020 Archived March 13, 2020 39:21 minutes
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Spouses Eliana Banuelos (29) and Mario Banuelos (30) share memories of growing up in Delano, California, talk about their mothers, who have both been field workers in California, and expand on their experiences as first-generation college students and, now, educators themselves.

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EB and MB talk about both being raised in Delano, CA.
EB and MB talk about their mothers, who are both from Mexico and worked in the fields in Delano.
EB and MB discuss whether or not they ever worked in the fields with their mothers.
EB talks about her parents' divorce and her family's financial struggles.
EB remembers graduating high school and deciding to be the first in her family to attend college.
MB talks about studying mathematics in college and becoming a teacher.
EB discusses her thesis, which highlights the experiences of women field workers.
EB shares what she hopes her students remember about her.


  • Eliana Banuelos (b. 1990)
  • Mario Banuelos (b. 1990)

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Beale Memorial Library

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