Elias Moreno and Patricia Moreno

Recorded December 17, 2019 Archived December 19, 2019 40:39 minutes
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Elias (68) talks to his daughter Patricia (40) about reasons why he moved to the U.S. He spoke about what he misses about Mexico, and he spoke of his experiences living in Michigan.


  • Elias Moreno
  • Patricia Moreno

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Michigan History Center

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00:00 Can you just say a couple things? My name is Patricia Moreno and I

00:17 My name is Patricia Moreno. I'm 40 today's date is December 17th night 2019. We're at the library of Michigan with me APA my dad.

00:30 Yesterday Live Moreno

00:32 English to simplified Chinese

00:37 Avoid a platicar con Patricia Moreno.

00:43 And poses with a known as the economy grow a key for giving away. Oh, come on Park Avenue.

01:01 Am I yelling at Kia store?

01:05 Indiana, PA

01:14 Meaning for k

01:18 Coming up.

01:24 Set a timer in allouez.

01:26 Curiosity. Atlanta area

01:31 I said I'm Poco. Dinero a Mexico.

01:36 I said I'll be there.

01:38 Para Siempre, El Destino te tiene otro Camino

01:44 Yo, Siempre seras personas Que.

01:48 Nipple up that I look at me. You said you wanted to be a lawyer to get a s s i don't need it and see how it can be able to do a Ranchero is a farmer in he didn't have a lot of money so that he has to be sent to the narrow para mandar para hacer esto que hacer Lisa's yellow and don'ts es tambien esta me Corazon Venus de para hacer, algo Mas particularly, as I said, I'll go Mass. Nobody has no Mass. You didn't want to settle for just being a teacher you had a dream.

02:29 When was this is a method for Kiana McCormick on sale now?

02:39 Gentlemen, take the alarm.

02:45 But when I got there about an hour ago.

02:49 Athena Lopez

02:56 Como se puede hacer las cosas.

02:59 Cheap restaurants on Busch Blvd, no estudiar esta De Niro

03:05 A salir Adelante otra Manera

03:11 Acid in poco dinero para Pasar una Cosa

03:26 Yo.

03:28 Aziz Ansari Americano

03:30 But I'm me.

03:32 Nora swing American

03:35 Median income for killer Mickey

03:38 Be there in 1 cafe Americano.

03:42 Stealing in a Mexicano

03:45 Singing Under the Sun

03:52 Parking Mexico in the UVA game on today

04:00 Analia muchas personas

04:05 Mucho see on the pole.

04:08 Khalid Atlanta

04:11 But it's a la mejor Manera. Sorry. You did not understand United States. Why did you want to stay in this beautiful country where you want to go back to Mexico?

04:38 I'm just going to a coton DE ventas.

04:43 Injustice 2 move list

04:51 A custom rod stand in Mexico

04:55 Compliance

04:59 5th and Porter

05:02 Are you don't Cynthia's up Odessa?

05:05 But I can't ever.

05:11 Can you come here?

05:13 SMS to be siente Como acomodar restaurant Eskimo latitude that people here feel entitled to a better life without Willie being willing to do the work cement in this case has been on muchisimo Mas. Sin Sin tener laganas are you know?

05:57 Was that supposed to eat Danielle Nicole prometida or no?

06:07 It'll

06:09 Oh, come on.

06:16 Canelo

06:19 Okay Inc.

06:22 Be someone sign over yard and put some what's up.

06:27 I'm very sorry. I'm just cautious in Pomona.

06:33 When is when I caught up with loud then they restore Sanam order and then he stayed.

06:49 Pussy pussy orgasm but it seem like you don't care.

06:59 And I see sicario supuestamente.

07:10 Okay, Lucas on days.

07:18 Besides the get that at 4. Ano para stadium for you already in love with mom the other day asking them what other than me, and they deported you and Grandma said you were like a caged lion has come only online casino Gonzalez Padres de La Cocina con logo de Su Vida de Papa.

08:04 11 Federal Plaza

08:09 Cuando, estabas en la Caridad Del La Frontera

08:18 And it was Pitch Black night. That girl asked me to keep the cat is that was coming down do on Amelia alejado de la carretera para cannot put a rattlesnake is congested when NACA Scoville Eleanor solo.

08:36 El Que pensaste

08:38 Danielle's near don't know

08:40 When I saw SK.

08:48 Heinrich Grieco Nissan

08:53 Play some bass guitars.

08:57 Wasabi mucho

09:02 Yes, I would like a decision k a male lawyer solo.

09:16 Emetophobia

09:19 It'll come with you only focus personal voice in the new Solos.

09:23 Yellow Yeezy boost

09:33 U-Pull-It, Arkansas

09:40 Making a solo

09:43 Econo nisolo

09:47 And then what are you coming on Wednesday? No, checking to see if they noticed Alla Las Estrellas.

09:56 Do you want to play Uno?

10:03 Entosis when you are coming on.

10:08 FanDuel

10:10 The luckiest Camina Camina cerca de Ser Capital analyst

10:15 And they have sent me right now, so.

10:18 Bus come in and open.

10:32 Amanda Perez

10:34 You make a lemon drop it for now.

10:36 America numero

10:39 You know Sevilla, Sicily.

10:46 I just going to win the Triple Crown.

10:49 Ketosis calcium Taqueria Don Jose

10:53 Molly o Mio si tu quieres

10:59 Get together, I think.

11:03 Si tu quieres Que.

11:06 Casino BBN we can I hear what I want to kill you that. This is m e l o

11:18 Ethiopian ripasso

11:21 Segundo Paso

11:27 Better for now

11:30 When is Prince's birthday?

11:33 4K

11:34 Yep. Calculus Dance Academy

11:48 Ikinari Steak and Ale Lavista Park Atlanta you ran for Easter and Passover pasito pasito pasito.

12:09 Miracles Milagros

12:13 It's about a meat place. I don't know.

12:19 Carol Dacosta into Visa where they sell order Puerto Rico Destino El Destino de oir tu pareja me and mama is so you guys when you guys are best friends know nothing assistant Casada companeros de cuarto.

12:52 Yo te pregunte Una vez.

12:55 See me a map.

12:57 Ikea basket accident

13:00 He said if I'm Toto video.

13:04 Erica love. Can you come in early for Myanmar?

13:09 Medicos en una Morena yo solo

13:12 You said Pussy patras Su novio para sobre en noticias de despues.

13:28 Sea-Doo chaos Gate City

13:35 Kisses to you. Coming on the way or get it together. Hello.

13:49 You don't look stupid.

13:52 But I mean, what's a Sakura yes or no?

13:58 But I mean you asking me remind me to leave for coming to my hero.

14:07 Yellow door Taqueria calabacita peso

14:14 Can I get Excel not going to be icy tomorrow?

14:19 Lil Boosie pay

14:23 You're pretty awesome.

14:26 Mildew canto

14:32 30 Sevilla, Calle Verde

14:35 Am I some concealer Dos Passos ocasion?

14:41 The rest of the Lord

14:45 Anonymous Seattle

14:50 Get the Nia pick up me not in the Lord normal oven safe.

14:57 Yo, yo, Camina.

14:59 I thought you looked all my music.

15:06 This what I look really to your post in, Arizona.

15:10 ESP Bass Pro. I look in the mirror, now get the addresses for careless person and look at me now for clothes of Taurus.

15:20 Muchas veces no quieran Las primeras personas de Leo

15:26 Okay answers at local courier.

15:33 Do you want?

15:36 Listen to Vista Casa Monica Summer music.

15:40 I don't know Grace Karen Poquito, Mas dolor por que remedios para un pedazo de cuentos cortos de aqui. Yo no me to hike it and do your title.

16:17 Women's starts with nothing. Nothing else

16:23 Is it stop it now?

16:26 You can stop now turn on tiendas Sandra Moreno Eskimo sisters who do Real Estate open houses that do a couple next door news. El nunca la vibora.

16:50 Am weather forecast

17:01 SRC. Ru

17:07 No.

17:08 Movie rad support in Nevada

17:12 Centaur no, Camina machismo porque no esta Tiempo. No police State Route 173 10 a.m.

17:49 Ki precios de trabajo porque un poquito

18:04 Police activity near La planta, pero no, no nothing.

18:21 Umbral principal and principle.

18:27 Processional acostumbras

18:31 Kid community in Mexico Thomas a question.

18:37 Think I got a todos Los Angeles Casas de la casa.

18:45 Was Olympia Jessica Camilla pedal?

18:52 Berkeley super Katana costume

18:59 Because this isn't getting matches my number so I can see you in a costume this.

19:05 Delta meeting in okay.

19:08 Alcantara Alison, Pocatello

19:15 Better

19:17 I said I love songs. Can you play?

19:25 Feeling a little Restless. None of them. Can I get some pussy?

19:48 Aerosol. Apartments Bay comic con la Culebra de cascabel.

19:56 What time does Tattnall Rivera?

20:03 Temporary Superman Denver papers must going to Temple to Vicente.

20:09 Siempre Le pido, Mas Vale

20:12 Okay.

20:15 Play me some led to California Montagne Suite.

20:22 Lafayette

20:27 Yes, I do cocaine on assignment.

20:31 The real estate acronym SNL

20:35 Delete Lafayette acronym.

20:40 Taxi to La Crescenta mismo

20:43 Turn on Tina's fan.

20:48 Chris Capozzi

20:53 Latinas fat

20:55 Place a different A+ Buffet Pro

21:01 But I mean

21:05 I'm a Scatman.

21:09 Flac Elkhorn Buffet

21:15 McAllen PD

21:20 Algunos de some of our friends who are who are white

21:25 Look at you and they think that you're they believe in I think they're right to that. You're really smart and that you're a wise man and they appreciate your friendship that you're a good man. And I was in a discussion once with some of our friends friends of the family neighbors other I won't say who but they're not the only ones I think that that you aren't one of those immigrants that came in to steal their jobs.

21:57 I remember telling them. Yeah, actually my dad did because when you left Mexico you weren't leaving because it was so violent because of the narcos you weren't leaving because the government was corrupt and there was so much violence in war you weren't leaving because you guys were so so poor that you didn't have enough money to eat you left because you wanted more for your life you had a dream and you never intended to stay here.

22:30 So I told him yeah, my dad is one of those that stole your jobs because you stayed in the same job at Demmer Tool & Die for like 30 years write more than 30 or so.

22:46 What do you say to the people that don't think you know, you're one of those people that stole their jobs cuz those people are bad people right or how do you

23:04 Thermogenesis

23:11 Chemical in spicy rice cake

23:14 No, noggin lateral area

23:20 El trabajo is the Guinness of yourself.

23:26 Hello Kitty SF

23:29 Cantina de Lune topic a mi Romo

23:33 La Puente Library

23:37 Play Sera Sera Sera Tu trabajo.

23:40 Can I see the moon?

23:48 Entosis in my room associate II Beyonce

23:52 Get a Persona play. I said it to trabajo.

23:57 And don't suspicious person as soon as Precinct around me.

24:02 Play Nirvana at 9.

24:05 This company has no more.

24:19 What does bonanza mean?

24:24 4K

24:29 You break your sternum machina.

24:35 Amazing American English

24:41 Naked Latina 11 Espanol

24:45 They told you they tell me what are you doing on that if you don't speak English with you mad?

24:56 No.

24:58 Muscle in the sea

25:08 Michaela.

25:11 Oh he wanted the job. You don't know.

25:17 Lamarque Elementary near me

25:23 You learn English?

25:35 Make a note kresky.

25:37 Mama said the doll you pull up set.

25:47 Gowesty

25:49 If you put a sad vibe.

25:52 Yato cigar ambientalista qerim

25:56 Oh he had an audience.

25:58 Anyone want to break break?

26:03 USF analysis Betances. What is it?

26:13 Cuando

26:14 Is 10% of 1/2?

26:17 Damian Mexicano

26:20 Teriyaki

26:23 Medical Medical

26:28 Lagasse play important for kindergarten

26:35 Be there.

26:41 Pelicula El otro Joe Lopez arrest

26:56 Peter Meehan

27:01 Entonces en el dos mil setenta y seis Mia.

27:06 Caffeine Alice Bella Vista funeral Dragon level in Nevada

27:12 Nether portal

27:14 Wake win the Mega Hoopa, Mexico.

27:17 Oh man, I was going to the dentist says they deported you somebody reported you because it wanted your job.

27:26 When will Yellowstone Airport?

27:29 Your mama so via camera for car.

27:32 This is so sad message TNT.

27:36 What's a Desi Desi Arnaz?

27:42 Justin Pocono Galaxy La culpa porque. No me gusta cuando. No se.

27:50 Consistency.

27:55 El cunao now

28:00 Medieval guess it won't break.

28:08 I don't know cupula, Sarasota.

28:15 Anoka salad Aquarius, Conoco

28:22 So the guy that was from here that we love you. I was brushing.

28:32 Evil, okay Mario pienso Que.

28:37 El me dijo Elias yo, no Creo.

28:51 No. Trabajo.

28:57 Better open the wind Elias Elias

29:02 It was necessary.

29:08 And tell us a joke and say

29:11 I am a confident CI.

29:14 Etymology easier if it was easier to go back and forth like

29:31 You didn't want to leave Mexico. You want to leave Mexico? And you said that here is not as beautiful as in Mexico at one time. You told me that because hear the people there's so much discrimination. By the way, they treat you is is is worse and also that there are beautiful things in Mexico like the mountains and the cactuses and the and the horses you used to bull ride used to break Broncos that a lot of people know that you can't do that here no more.

30:08 Pocoyo Vivian boost

30:13 Is that why you still haven't become a citizen? Cuz Mom and Raquel and I worry about you and you still.

30:23 Pacific Steel Casino

30:28 That's why because you be rejecting Mexico.

30:36 Kimora Javon, New Mexico tennis schedule

31:02 Don't get Mexico New Mexico is always going to be in your heart.

31:06 Tell me the most beautiful things about Mexico get strong. Yes.

31:15 Applesauce

31:18 What is a Casablanca siesta?

31:23 Fancy letters K and en El Rancho

31:27 Anna, are you on the bus?

31:30 Repo iHome singing amprolium

31:36 Alyssa

31:40 Gangnam Style to you feel more free and Mexico in this is supposed to be the land of the free and the United States. You don't feel it.

32:06 When RTC?

32:09 Por que Lugar.

32:12 They have my word. I don't want you.

32:31 Infosys Ikea in Michigan for kiss it. Why? Why did you guys? Okay, so you mention something that a lot of Michigan men love and that's the right to hunt. Right? What do you love most about hunting or or or Michigan? Because you guys could have left in Texas we talk about when we were little white. Why didn't you leave the Texas? Why did you stay in Michigan? I remember you talked about like the first time you saw snow cuz it doesn't snow in Mexico and the leaves don't change color the way they do here like so beautiful in autumn.

33:10 Please

33:26 What's your fursona?

33:35 And Michael Escambia Salon, Premier, Paso.

33:39 Nikki is mucho Mas Mas Bonito lyrics come first and then I remember we used to go sliding a lot take her back and see you in you would get on the sled with us you like to slide with us and you're from Mexico another Santana Ranchos and you like to go sledding with us?

33:59 Answer me a question and tell the truth.

34:02 Did you?

34:05 Why pass out on purpose did we crash a lot on purpose with you?

34:09 Cuz I feel like like tonight. We always wiped out when you were conceived on. I just remember we always crash when you were on and I just remember was rolling around in the snow and I could see your big. You're always laughing so hard. Okay. So what is the best thing about hunting? What do you think about when you're hunting you think about us or your do you think about your life like your journey cuz you got a big life dad.

34:58 I want Arizona's.

35:00 Inca Kola skip a song.

35:06 Katella, disease

35:12 He said a bracelet or Alyssa.

35:19 Las Colinas middle school jazz

35:27 This one apparently.

35:30 Set the Quita El estres Que tienes.

35:33 Hesperia library

35:37 On The Simpsons

35:42 Astronaut monkey that can kill

35:45 Turn up the boys pick up my comparacion.

35:49 Can I convert a c on?

35:53 Infosys I'm not going to be amazing person in New York.

36:00 Cassava Conejos. What does slingshots Villas Sol En Mexico? You hunting with a slingshot now. Can you hunt with a rifle and scope veterinarian when you were little like how old were you when you first started riding bulls?

36:23 This is what me know when you silly little boy. What how old are you guys?

36:44 El animal tambien is that why is that why Mom has pictures of my cousins on on the vocero.

36:55 Hi, I want Atlas polymer Chico's lost.

37:03 Tatascan or peppermint

37:12 What do you miss most about the about the ranch was?

37:18 Platinum Theatres

37:21 La Huerta

37:23 This demented Clemente Anaya.

37:31 Son cosas del Destino a cambiado

37:38 Going to Mariscos La Mallorca salon.

37:46 Well, I guess I could wear them.

37:54 No, se Que.

37:57 No, se que hecho, can I ask you?

38:01 Language of Casas importantes

38:06 Muchas cosas importantes para. Did you think you were going to be in Michigan?

38:15 Or where did you think you're going to be a bull rider?

38:18 Yorkshire Yorkie when you're going to have a business cuz you wanted to be a lawyer and you couldn't be so then you thought you were just come here and get enough money. What kind of business?

38:32 Any kind of business in Mexico tiene, Mas. Dinero que trabajar para una compania en Patron.

38:38 Comedy Central

38:41 Mi casa Venda Chief Keef at the bottom and Lucy.

39:03 Well, if it looking this time you would have committed today.

39:08 What about I meet you at as me right away. You're my hero dad.

39:18 What is a good place to record Army?

39:21 Luckyscent

39:28 Champloo

39:41 It can volcanoes without you and the examples that you are for me like

39:52 You're my Miracle. You're a walking miracle. And you're the biggest brightest shining example of Courage I have.

40:02 Not everybody can say that their dads.

40:05 Road balls, you know confronted life-or-death crossing the border or even have a romantic story to tell you know, you were just going to come up here work and make some money and go back to Mexico instead you fall in love with a really amazing woman. Both of you have helped me be the person I am today and I wouldn't be who I am without you guys.

40:25 Okay.

40:30 Vespa

40:36 Well, you still listen to EDM.