Elizabeth Elango and Crispin Ilombe Wilondja

Recorded February 9, 2023 Archived February 9, 2023 40:07 minutes
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Coworkers Elizabeth Elango (46) and Crispin Ilombe Wilondja [no age given] share their stories about coming to Decatur, Georgia and speak about their work with Global Village Project, a school focused on educating refugee girls.

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Crispin (C) shares his story. He says he was born in 1973 in a mining town in the Democratic Republic of Congo. C says that his dad was killed when he was ten years old and that really changed his whole life. C says he came to the United States to study and become a priest. He returned to the Democratic Republic of Congo to work as a priest but was in danger due to his work. C sought asylum in the United States and eventually settled in Decatur, Georgia.
C reflects further on the death of his father. C says his childhood was filled with poverty and suffering but also joy and hope.
C further details his studies and path to priesthood.
C says his goal as a pastor was how to make good news good in the midst of suffering. C says he spent years studying liberation theology. C says he got in trouble with the Congolese government and was captured and tortured but met a women who helped him escape. C says he fell in love with the woman and gave up priesthood to start a family with her. E says despite the challenges that C has gone through, he is one of the most joyful people she knows.
C and E recall the first time they met.
E shares her story. She says she was born in Cameroon and in the middle of high school moved to the United States. E says she discovered that her passion for working with young people. E says serving as the CEO of the Global Village Project is a dream.
E reflects on he philosophy of education. E says education can serve as a great equalizer, especially for refugee girls.
E says Decatur is a great city. E says the current mayor of the city used to work as one of her volunteers. E says she could not think of a better city to be the home of Global Village Project.
E explains further what Global Village Project is: a school focused on educating refugee girls. E says anyone visiting Decatur should visit Global Village Project. E lists some places that someone visiting Decatur should consider.
C shares his favorite places in Decatur. C says he was married in the courthouse in Decatur. C adds that he's spent eight of his eleven years in the United States in Decatur.
C and E share what their future holds. They express how they want to be of service to the world. C says more about happiness and service.
E and C share closing thoughts.


  • Elizabeth Elango
  • Crispin Ilombe Wilondja

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