Elizabeth Long and Charles Minkler

Recorded October 14, 2022 Archived October 14, 2022 01:18:40 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Elizabeth Long (78) and Charles "Charly" Minkler (66) discuss politics of rural areas, their differences on abortion, and blended families.

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Charly has been involved in local civil dialogue efforts.
Charly talks about how bussing in Denver affected him in junior high and high school--fights, riots police. Local schools were half Hispanic students.
Elizabeth tells story of finding her husband at church in her 30's. Was a sociology professor. Had adopted child, married husband with kids.
Charly tells story of father, who grew up in orphanage; finding buffalo skull on private land while fishing, but told property owner. Morality tale about meaning of honesty.
Elizabeth says her father taught me to be competitive and work hard. Father was a scientist. Mom taught importance of caring about others.
Charly married farm girl and became a rancher.
Elizabeth grew up with horses and learned to ride at Cornell University where father taught.
Charly didn't grow up with politics, found Republican identity as adult.
Charly follows Judeo-Christian principals.
Charly against abortion, fiscally conservative, against student debt relief.
Elizabeth talks about mother of her adoptive son.
Elizabeth grew up Democrat. FDR was a hero. Parents were liberal. Mom in League of Women voters.
Charly talks about problem of newcomers bringing liberal values to La Plata County, Colorado.
Elizabeth talks about efforts to connect with rural people as newcomer.
Elizabeth talks about adopting Mexican-American son, and observing racism directed at him.


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