Elizabeth Walsh and Brian Kawczynski

Recorded March 20, 2023 Archived March 20, 2023 57:07 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Elizabeth "Betsy" Walsh (61) and Brian Kawczynski (42) share stories from their upbringing, discuss the unhoused population and the complexity of legalizing marijuana.

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Brian shares his experience and observations from his time as a corrections officer.
Betsy shares the experience of not meeting her father until she was 10.
The two discuss the complexities of unionization.
The two share their feelings on the disparities of public and private education in the United States.
Brian and Betsy talk about the erosion of reliable mental health services and the corruption of the mental hospital system.
The pair respectfully debate the role of Marijuana in the overall health of the public.
Brian and Betsy discuss the role that government should have in helping those who are economically disadvantaged.


  • Elizabeth Walsh
  • Brian Kawczynski

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