Emalee Farley and El Daña

Recorded February 22, 2020 Archived February 22, 2020 38:02 minutes
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Emalee Farley (23) and her friend El Daña (75) talk about El Daña's long time male impersonator entertaining in the Fresno area and beyond. Together they talk about the gay bar scene in Fresno in the 1960s, how El Daña got interested in male impersonating, and why she loves entertaining.

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ED recalls her first experience going into a gay bar in the 1960s and learning about drag shows.
ED talks about how she got into male impersonating.
ED talks about struggles she had especially regarding not receiving recognition for her male impersonating.
ED describes why she likes calling herself a male impersonator not a drag king.
ED describes the two major romantic relationships in her life.
ED talks about her upcoming potential last performance and that all her family and friends will attend.
ED describes her practice routine for her shows.
ED talks about wanting there to be more male impersonators.


  • Emalee Farley
  • El Daña

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