“Embracing the different kinds of scientists that exist is something that we're still working to do.” An interview with Kiya Riverman

Recorded July 29, 2019 Archived July 29, 2019 18:35 minutes
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Kiya Riverman ended up studying glaciers because, on a field work trip, she was one of the few who could fit the ice cave in the glacier. She recalls, “you're surrounded by glaciers and then sometimes you're underneath glaciers. And so you get to see the inside plumbing of ice and truly it's beautiful there.” Today, Kiya tends to use satellites in her work but still makes time to return to the field. She recently spent some time in a corner of Antarctica that took a whole month to reach. She is also focused on bringing more students and more women into the field and discusses the importance of doing so. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


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