Emily Gorospe and Valerie Gorospe

Recorded March 11, 2020 Archived March 11, 2020 38:16 minutes
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Emily Gorospe (15) talks with her mother Valerie Ancheta Gorospe (42) about her grandmother, her legacy as an advocate for environmental justice, and how her example has impacted both Valerie and Emily.

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VAG describes her mother to her daughter, EG. EG reflects on how she perceived her grandmother.
VAG reflects on how she wanted to protect her mother's name and legacy in environmental justice history after her death. EG talks about how she sees her grandmother in her mother.
VAG recalls what it was like when EG had Valley Fever. EG reflects on the fear she felt at that time.
VAG tells EG about a pesticide drift that affected her mother's area and how people had to evacuate. VAG talks about how her mother's advocacy got started.
VAG explains the bill that was passed (SB 391) as a result of pesticide drifting. She remembers how her mother would take everyone to rallies.
VAG talks about starting Luna Circle, providing a space for girls and women to talk.
EG expresses her worry that she won't live up to VAG's or her grandmother's legacy and why she stated Equal Play at school, an effort to get equal treatment for transfer students.
VAG expresses her pride for EG.


  • Emily Gorospe
  • Valerie Gorospe

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Beale Memorial Library

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