Emily Loop and Margaret Smith

Recorded May 25, 2021 Archived May 25, 2021 50:00 minutes
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Margaret Smith (59) and Emily Loop (33) discuss their relationship as mother and daughter while both being on opposite sides of the fence politically.

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MS discusses her reasons for talking with her daughter, EL in an One Small Step space.
MS discusses her father’s influence on her. ”He taught us to fight what is right and not what is popular.”
EL discusses finding herself connecting with Conservative viewpoints.
MS asks EL how it feels to feel like the only Conservative in the family.
MS asks EL if there there is something about her views that EL doesn't agree with but still respect.


  • Emily Loop
  • Margaret Smith

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00:02 My name is Margaret Smith. I'm 59. Today's date is Thursday, May 27th, 2021. I'm recording from Birmingham Alabama. My conversation partner is Emily Loop, and she is my daughter.

00:21 Hi, I am Emily Loop and I am 33 years old.

00:26 Today's date is Thursday, May 27th, 2021. I am in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. And I am here with Margaret Smith and that she is my mom.

00:44 The reason why I wanted to do this interview today is because I'm intrigued by and wanted to support the one small step initiative. Because I found the contentious between two parties to be disturbing and it's kind of frightening, particularly over the last 4 years.

01:05 Being said, I am filed Lee Democratic and have difficulty. Understanding.

01:14 But I can't reform my views of Republicans, when I learned that not only did 50% of Americans vote, Republican in my own daughter. So I thought your point and also be a good example of how families can respectfully disagree in a way that actually strengthen their understanding and

01:55 That's why I decided to do. So I want to do it this interview today because

02:08 When else do you get to have a recorded conversation with your mom? You know, it's just that.

02:17 I can look back on and my kids can look back on and my grandkids and

02:22 And yeah, just to have this this time.

02:27 With her today, and

02:32 Yeah, and yeah.

02:36 All right.

02:38 I will go, I will go ahead and read your bio.

02:44 So, your bile is, I was born in Birmingham, Michigan to to professionals. My mother was a teacher and my father, a lawyer. My my father was very involved in equal rights even losing friends, and experiencing political backlash throughout his life. He fought for Progressive causes.

03:05 Involving rights For Those whom he felt were unfairly treated including starting. One of the first drug court. I think he was the biggest influence in the development of my political views.

03:21 I already down this aisle. Hello. I've been married for 7 years and go like children and at end of PCA church here in Chapel Hill early.

03:47 Despite being the only conservative in my family. We are still very close and openly and lovingly just got their opinions.

04:00 Okay, so mom, who has been the most influential person in your life.

04:08 And what did they teach you?

04:11 I think that my dad your grandfather was the most influential person in my adult life.

04:20 As I said in my bio, he was a lawyer inside and you worked hard for equal rights and anti-discrimination.

04:29 In addition to helping to form one of the first strike, or if he was against mandatory sentencing.

04:36 These are not popular positions at the time, but he didn't back down in the face of opposition.

04:47 So we're not being being treated fairly. I don't remember and him. Lecture us kids.

04:58 Most influential person in your life.

05:03 I'm

05:05 Well, first can I can I ask a follow-up question like your bio? And yeah, so like what did Grandpa's involvement and equal rights mean for your family? Like how did affect you like good and just like what were the hard kind of ways about it? Like

05:27 Well.

05:35 I think the good part was he taught us.

05:40 Good values and that fighting for what's right is more important.

05:50 The bad part was

05:55 Not only did, he lose friends, but we lost friends. Although we didn't know why we lost the friends. We just knew that our former play night, especially when he was fighting for Equal Housing in our city.

06:21 Listen, the most influential person in Europe.

06:26 Hey, I can't think I'm just one person. I've been really kind of like chewing on this question. But I have to say like there's a lot of people, you definitely being one of them and Matthew and

06:43 Like several close friends. And I think and definitely grandpa. I mean, I remember when we met that woman who

06:55 He like really helped through the drug courts. She was addicted to heroin and then she became a lawyer after going through his rehab program and how much she changed her life like doing that. And then,

07:14 Hearing all the stories.

07:21 Him. His

07:23 Grandpa is.

07:27 Justice role in the civil rights movement, and just like really

07:33 Helping people gained equal rights. I think you and Matthew. It's really shown me and taught me like sacrificial. Love Like Love as being like an action.

07:56 And courage. And

08:05 Loving God, loving other people and

08:23 You briefly describe your personal political value.

08:30 Now this is a hard one to. I had to take what I took, one of those quizzes, you know, that have like, it was like MIT. Like, where are you? Like in the political spectrum and turned out. Like, I am, like smack dab in the middle for like everything, but

08:52 I think till I kind of put it into words. I would say like, like equal access for all equality of opportunity individual responsibility, which I feel gives dignity to people.

09:12 And people's freedom to prosper. And I think that like capitalism.

09:20 Does help people prosper. And

09:28 I think that, like,

09:31 Lower taxes, also help people prosper and

09:38 Can really help.

09:43 Why people use their money for like good? And I think that goes back to like individual responsibility of like

09:52 If people feel Freer to give their money away, hopefully they will.

10:02 Could you briefly describe in your own words, your personal political values?

10:21 I'm sorry cats in the way. You're doing something important. That's fun.

10:30 Well, I do agree with most of the issues that Democrat.

10:39 Remote IO even gun control.

10:44 I believe in affordable healthcare and really even a single-payer system, they have in Europe.

10:57 I believe in combating climate change and maintaining us and government.

11:14 So,

11:19 Yeah, so what is like a safety? What is the safety net? Look like?

11:24 Food stamps.

11:35 I think that.

11:38 Until we get a single-payer system that Medicaid is really important.

11:54 I wish we had even more of a safety.

12:02 No, I realize that was a lot of those things would increase our chances.

12:15 I have a question for you. Did you use that? The Democrat? Did you find yourself in the past?

12:25 I did, I did. It was really, I mean, I was going to vote for Biden.

12:31 What you think?

12:35 Was that temperature change your mind was?

12:48 Realizing that people who supported Trump. Like, my first kind of like realization was like, oh, those are like real people. Like, you want similar things as me like they want safety. They want

13:05 Like good things for their family and their families of others. And I think it just like realizing like, oh, like

13:16 Those are actually like they're not just all like dumb.

13:26 Like seeing

13:29 You know, Republicans as people. I then went forward and like, okay, we are but I'm still a Democrat and then

13:39 Cuz we're the good party for the good one. And then I think I started to see a lot of like the drill from the left.

13:54 Then just like,

13:56 Can I have people here wet?

14:00 Weren't really doing anything. And just like a lot of like.

14:05 Any kind of push back with a flat back and I think that I was like, woah.

14:15 What's going on? And at the same time though? I realize like that's not everybody. You know, like that's not.

14:26 And it's only a small, I think it's a small population, but it did make me rethink my view since like William. I am I in the good party.

14:38 And then I was like, oh wait and then I went a little bit further and I really like, oh, there's not like a good or a bad party.

14:48 People are just people and they are greedy on some of the same problems and they disagree on some of the some problems and you know it. But I think that then I realized then I started like to do more research and then I realize like like what I really kind of think aligns with Republican Party.

15:09 Republican, and then the ceiling.

15:13 And this is going to, I don't know who this is, but I was listening to the radio and I was just kind of flipping through and then I heard this guy talking about like, oh Freedom, we want people to prosper, we want.

15:30 You know, just like the quality and we want all these things for everybody. And yes we do. And then I realize this is Rush Limbaugh crap. I am listening to Rush Limbaugh and I agree with him. What's happening today?

15:54 And so what? Yeah.

15:59 And then just kind of like looking more into it. I

16:05 Can I see that? Really appreciate your thoughtfulness over these issues and taking the time to research?

16:16 Warm your own views.

16:22 And,

16:24 Do you think that?

16:27 Your religious beliefs have.

16:30 Influence. Any of your feelings, about the issues? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.

16:39 I think that before, like I kind of thought that people can make the world.

16:48 Perfect.

16:50 And that like if we just worked harder or if we just did xynz that the world would be different.

16:59 And that if we could,

17:01 You know, make things.

17:05 Just perfect. And I think as I'm more and more like

17:14 Kind of realize like,

17:17 The world is broken and people are broken.

17:22 And sin is just like, in everybody and

17:30 I think that. Has like,

17:37 Definitely influenced.

17:40 The way that I view the world now and I don't think I really realized that I viewed it that way until like I kind of like got checked on how I viewed Republicans, you know, cuz I was like, I'm not loving them. I'm not letting them, you know, by

18:01 Seeing them as lesser than me.

18:08 I think is that does that answer?

18:30 Do you?

18:32 Do you feel misunderstood by like people with different like political beliefs than you?

18:46 No.

18:49 Talk to you about about it, to too many people.

18:54 Really you and David.

19:00 I don't bring it up with other people because you know, it can be a sensitive topic.

19:10 I'm not really comfortable talking about it the other day.

19:23 It's hard.

19:28 You, how is it felt?

19:32 Are you?

19:34 You're like, you're the only conservatives in the family.

19:43 I mean, at first I was super nervous like oh my gosh.

19:51 But I think really only you Mary and David.

20:02 Now that I voted Republican.

20:07 But in,

20:13 Ain't ya?

20:18 So,

20:20 I mean.

20:22 Don't think it would be taken well by anybody else.

20:36 Definitely misunderstood.

20:43 I had.

20:47 I don't know.

20:51 And I know that peace with it, I guess.

20:54 You know, because

20:57 I think like my relationship with them is more important than them knowing everything that you know about my political preferences and you know, like it.

21:22 Sometimes people feel like they have to hide their political views to maintain a good relationship with their own family.

21:31 Yeah, you know I definitely makes me sad.

21:41 I mean, expecially.

21:43 Like after

21:45 How that conversation went with a friend. I am very weary of

21:52 Talking about it. Anybody else and

21:59 Tao.

22:06 But,

22:08 You think that?

22:11 The elections.

22:15 New president is in office.

22:19 That.

22:21 This small division has

22:28 I know.

22:34 Going to a lower level.

22:46 I think people are.

22:50 I think that Democrats are maybe like

22:56 Glass afraid. Maybe and

23:04 Like,

23:10 Maybe that has has helped.

23:15 But I think it's still there. I just

23:22 Don't think it's being talked about as much.

23:28 Media and particular. Yeah.

23:41 Yeah, I mean that's I think that's really kind of where the fire. The heat comes from, is like,

23:52 Yeah, it is.

23:54 I mean, yeah, yeah.

24:03 Conflict points. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know why. And I believe that it is us.

24:19 Yeah, I think.

24:21 Yeah, I think there is very much that tone.

24:29 And, and

24:32 Yeah, I think it's

24:42 Yeah, it is very much like Fast forces them. Like, we're good and they're bad.

24:47 And that good has prevailed. Good has one. So now everybody can go back to their daily lives and

25:10 What do you think? What it would have you seen like in Birmingham? Like if you seen kind of tension subside, and

25:33 I think most of my tension came from what I was seeing in the news.

25:40 And my everyday life hasn't been affected one way or another.

25:56 But I'm not really involved with political things here in Birmingham.

26:06 What's going on?

26:08 Let her do do feel less stressed like they do to the late is the news less stressful now.

26:20 That's because of who our president is now.

26:27 Much less stressed about that.

26:40 Is there something about my beliefs that you don't agree with but still respect?

26:52 The big safety, net.

26:58 Are people I really?

27:02 I want, I really want.

27:07 Want that to, you know, I like I want.

27:11 But,

27:16 I think.

27:19 But that's not possible and I think suffering will still look her guess.

27:28 I mean, I do think that suffering. I mean there will always be poor people.

27:34 There always be poor people and but I respect that.

27:45 You want that to be different?

27:48 And not you in that you see a world where that can be different.

27:58 I really respect that optimism.

28:11 What it what was it? Like, finding out that I voted for Trump?

28:23 That's really surprised.

28:36 And I was more curious, though about how That Changed History.

28:47 Anyone.

28:59 But,

29:01 You know, it opened my eyes to what I said in the beginning.

29:15 Ill-informed.

29:17 That's a nice way for you to put it.

29:28 And I really respect that.

29:32 But you took a lot of time and thought.

29:36 Into making that decision.

29:44 I think a lot of people don't do.

29:47 A lot of people follow.

29:54 Their family or friends.

29:57 Loop Lane.

30:08 You like the alabama-auburn?

30:17 Girl, just young man playing games.

30:33 Is that I was going to ask.

30:41 Is there?

30:45 Do you ever feel troubled by people with the same beliefs as you?

30:52 And how they communicate. Communicate those beliefs to others.

30:59 I really feel troubled about some of the

31:06 Actions and Congress about. I feel like

31:11 Democrats, some of them are equally responsible for not getting good bills passed.

31:21 And they take a stance against Republicans.

31:27 Not for the good of the people, but just because they don't want to agree with you.

31:33 And I think that has hurt our country.

31:37 I think it happens on both sides, but I'm very disappointed when it happens on the side that I supposedly.

31:48 But I really wish is that.

31:51 There would not be those.

31:57 People who I forgot what you call them. Those people who are paid to go in fluent.

32:03 Vlade has Melania and I wish that.

32:12 People could not private people and businesses to not Finance elections.

32:19 And I think that we would have a more fair system.

32:27 And I wish that.

32:32 The people in Congress were primarily worried about getting voted for, in the next election.

32:44 What they believe is best for their state.

32:51 I'm feeling like they have to toe the party line.

32:56 I think would work out better.

33:06 Now, I forgot what the question was.

33:09 I thought you were going to ask. I'm going to ask.

33:16 Are you troubled by people with the same beliefs as you communicate?

33:22 Well, obviously, the people who've turned the capital r.

33:31 That is not the right way to communicate.

33:36 At all.

33:38 Terrible.

33:42 And,

33:46 Awful.

33:49 Are you ever uncomfortable with people in your life?

33:58 Beliefs.

34:00 Now.

34:12 Yeah, I think.

34:17 I don't really know anybody who does it in an unhealthy.

34:21 We're in like a.

34:26 Way, that would be kind of harmful to.

34:30 Anybody here?

34:33 Anything at all?

34:37 You think that?

34:43 Getting a vaccine has become a political issue.

34:50 Yes.

34:52 Yes, I think that.

34:57 A lot more people would have gotten back sedated.

35:01 If?

35:04 It had not been made political, and if it had not been like threatened to be required and

35:14 Or threatens to be required.

35:21 I think that like it was there was like some gross missed UPS in

35:32 Like,

35:41 Getting the information and not information but like advertising for it.

35:48 And,

35:52 I think it really turned, a lot of people off on it. That would have been just fine, getting it.

35:59 I mean, I know people who would have probably been just fine getting it.

36:06 If?

36:10 It wasn't shoved in their face. Like you have to do this to be a good person.

36:18 Or to be a part of the United States into live your life.

36:26 And I think that you can look back into any like vaccination.

36:35 Kush and you can see how the mistakes that we've made this time compared to in times past.

36:45 I mean, if you look at like how popular, like the polio vaccine granite.

36:54 Helping children.

36:59 But, I mean, even

37:04 I don't know. There's

37:07 I wish I could think of this book that Matthew read and told me about, but these doctors would go into these Villages and India and there'd be these very religious.

37:24 Muslim people. And

37:27 Like they were go in and say, hey, we have this vaccine for polio. There's an outbreak, this could save your kid's life and just kind of like that. And if they said no, thank you, then. They would just leave and they were going door-to-door a door. And there was a young doctor with the party. And when this mom said, no, thank you.

37:52 The doctor just lost it on her and the doctor in charge pulled him aside and said, you are who they are afraid of, if you continue this. Nobody in the village will get back to needed.

38:07 And I think that the threatening posture has created a resistance to getting of the vaccine and I think the same thing happened with The Masks. I think there are so many people who would have been so happy to wear masks if it hadn't been like

38:25 You will go to jail. If you do not wear a mask, you know, I think.

38:33 Stop the timer.

38:38 McDonald app.

38:42 I kind of see it as

38:53 Well, being more concerned with the individual than the greater good.

38:59 Yes, I've seen it as people.

39:06 Caring more about their right?

39:10 And caring about the safety of everybody.

39:14 If I see both of those issues, I think I think people just want the right to ask questions.

39:22 You know, and I think that when people don't have don't feel like they have that right to say like me. I'm kind of nervous about this vaccine like

39:31 You talked to me about it. We can meet you like.

39:34 Can you tell me the reasons why you're getting it without?

39:40 Repercussion of like you're an idiot. Like why are you not getting this back seem like blah, blah, blah, blah, like if I feel like there are people who

39:50 If they feel like they step out of this box then they just get slapped, you know, and I think that so they they they're just out of the box cuz they just don't care anymore.

40:09 Oh, that's

40:12 You know, like,

40:17 I think I think like the right to ask questions and needs to needs to be reinstated.

40:26 The right to like,

40:30 They like, do we like

40:33 Like I'm kind of nervous about this.

40:37 Taxi. And like I said that on the playground the other day to these moms and the backlash I got from it was just like, no, I mean I got the vaccine and it's fine but like

40:50 I think we should be able to talk about this, like,

40:55 Yes, we should be able to talk about our concerns.

41:00 Without being judged.

41:06 I think, I mean, I think there.

41:09 Is also like people are really concerned about their rights as well.

41:25 How is that?

41:27 I kind of expected life for you in Birmingham. Like, what is it kind of been like for you and Birmingham?

41:35 The kind of

41:38 Is that made you think the pandemic would have been less scary for you?

41:45 Had more people wearing masks and then wanted to be vaccinated.

41:53 Yeah, I think that it would have been less scary.

42:00 People had followed.

42:03 A recommendation just primarily I was scared about our hospital being overrun. I was upset that the people who want to follow the recommendations.

42:19 You're about how stressed the people were in the hospitals and how they were putting your life in danger to take care of people. Also, just quite angry. It seems like people choosing to exert their right instead of doing what I thought would be best for everybody.

42:51 So,

42:59 And everywhere would probably have turn down a little bit better. That's my own personal opinion, but

43:09 I think that.

43:13 CDC.

43:21 They should have been given.

43:24 On the media.

43:26 Bite, he broke people high up in the government. Then I don't think it would have been a political issue.

43:39 And more would have gone along with the recommendation.

43:46 Really upset.

44:02 But we may learn in the long run.

44:06 Know, when some time has passed and he has done a lot of research.

44:15 Social distancing, my closing down businesses really didn't think we've learned a lot of lessons.

44:39 Is there anything you learned about me today? That surprised?

44:44 Probably learn.

44:48 You look beautiful all the time.

44:56 I think.

45:01 I learned.

45:09 .

45:14 Did I learn?

45:23 Okay, if you didn't learn anything cuz we talked about. Yeah, I mean

45:31 Like, I learned that just like how

45:38 People.

45:41 Not masking. I was like, like, kind of angered you and made you afraid.

46:03 What about you any thing that you learned today?

46:07 That's the price, you.

46:09 I'm not surprised, but I learned about how much thought you put into your choice.

46:17 And I also learned at the very beginning that your text is in your right in the middle.

46:30 Words, that

46:34 You also were upset about the storming of the capitol.

46:40 I probably could have assumed that anyway.

47:07 Once again.

47:14 Appreciated that there are probably a lot of people like you who do care about.

47:20 Others. Less fortunate also.

47:27 Just disagree on the mean.

47:34 I mean, I mean, one thing that I like really been thinking about is just like

47:43 How much I respect you and

47:47 Your beliefs, cuz I feel like

47:51 Your?

47:53 Just you have like, along the Long View on things in, like, you really

48:01 Have a heart for those who are not seeing and he'll like our

48:21 Might have.

48:23 Yeah, like

48:26 People who need help.

48:31 You wrote, you want.

48:35 You want there to be?

48:47 You really have a heart.

48:50 For them in and you want solutions to help them?

49:00 I think we have one more minute left.

49:18 Yeah, I just I just see that you have a heart for people. You have a heart for the Unseen and for those in need and

49:30 I'm really Amazed by the work that you do everyday. And

49:37 You're mature. You're very mature, like.

49:41 And that's not the right word. But like you're just your knowledge, your wisdom. That's what it is. I appreciate it.

49:50 Elaine from you everyday.