Emily Taylor and Casey Andra

Recorded February 15, 2023 Archived February 15, 2023 52:01 minutes
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One Small Step partners Emily Taylor (28) and Casey Andra (48) discuss the challenges of being working mothers and their hopes for the future of our country

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Participants state why they wanted to participate in One Small Step
Both participants describe their upbringings and their current status as mothers with careers
Casey shares her experience returning to work and the differences she felt between herself and stay-at-home moms. Emily shares her experience returning to a majority-male workplace where most of her co-worker's wives are stay-at-home moms.
Emily describes how being a woman in a majority-male workplace has made her more empathetic towards the experiences of other minorities
Both partners share how travel has broadened their perspectives
Casey shares how her faith has shaped her "traditional family values" and her view that our political system should better support moms staying home
Emily shares her belief that the United States needs better parental leave policies
Emily shares her fear that "clinging to power" has become more important to politicians than making policy
Casey shares her concern for the "lack of pride" in our country that she sees in her students
Both partners discuss their experiences with family and co-workers who hold different political beliefs than they do
Both partners share what they will take with them from this experience


  • Emily Taylor
  • Casey Andra

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