Emma Trayte and David Trayte

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Emma Trayte (24) interviews her father, David Trayte (67), about his childhood memories and his experience immigrating from Scotland to the United States with his mother in 1959.

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D.T. talks about immigrating from Scotland to the U.S. on a 7 day boat ride with his mother in August of 1959.
D.T. describes the train ride, from New York to Boston: "I had my face pressed up against the window, thinking I would see cowboys and Indians."
D.T. reflects on the home, family, and land of the Middendorf's, the family that sponsored his mother's coming to the U.S..
E.T. asks her father what he remembers about Scotland before coming to America.
E.T. asks her father to share some of his favorite memories of Christmas.


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  • David Trayte

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00:01 I'm David trayte. What am I 67?

00:07 67 +

00:11 Almost 68 4020. Where in Pullman, Washington?

00:29 And the name of your conversation part always my daughter Emma trayte.

00:37 Yeah, and I'm am betrayed on 24 and we're at my mom's house in.

00:48 Look up tell me about when you moved to America.

00:53 Let's see. I moved to America in 1959 on Scotland and we've been living in a little town in in Scotland Scotland. Actually just just above the Ridge and

01:15 Yeah, so we came to the new world and want a boat cuz my mom wouldn't even want to fly seem like song at this time.

01:25 And

01:27 It was a

01:29 A Greek ship Greek registry ship TSS New York and

01:38 And we had a big storm and the crew they said it was a serious norm and

01:48 We are.

01:51 My mom was sick for several days and I would reach out.

02:04 Food was horrible and

02:10 How long were you on the phone?

02:14 Yeah, it was a long, you know back in the day and then

02:19 And so I just laid in the shape of a dry bread.

02:26 And yeah.

02:29 Pineapple juice I drink a lot of Pi

02:34 And yeah.

02:37 So anyway, that's what I did on that. I'm coming to America, you know, and then we got off the boat in New York and

02:49 I wore Kilt. This would be living in Scotland.

02:53 And that's what

02:56 I wore a kilt in it and you know how to tie and knee socks.

03:02 And you know that it was a wolf kill and that's what I wore on important.

03:10 You mean it was really cool.

03:24 Yeah, so what you know.

03:27 That's what I wore when we arrived in email in the new world and

03:33 But it must have been.

03:37 95 degrees

03:49 And that was 1959.

03:57 I was just shy of seven and

04:01 Will you do battle in New York? What did you do when you first. You got to New York and then go to New York and you know taxi cab to the

04:17 To the Port Authority

04:20 And then we took a train from New York to Boston.

04:25 And I number we had several steamer trunks, you know, and

04:32 I do remember my mother offering Porter.

04:39 Adora

04:50 I know it's pretty cool. And then we took the train up to your boss and then we got picked up by the way.

05:01 And they sponsored us and the

05:05 And so we got kicked up in Boston by the Cotillion and debutante.

05:24 And still they took us out to Boston.

05:35 And

05:38 And you know they do.

05:50 And

05:52 It's a significant how it was. So now it's called in ground pool of a Runway. They had a BF and

06:25 But that was just went all over the place. And you know when I got the new world was just

06:33 A lot of fun no game pawns and streams. And what were you hoping to find to see on your train ride?

06:49 Have you heard about the new world of cowboys and Indians?

07:01 Is the internet

07:03 What does the whole family we arrived and they all came out very humid patricians, you know, and then Natalie was 14 the daughter and they had three dogs.

07:33 Daphne's Turtles and two black labs and little will the word and it was just my mom and I you know, I mean and they had a horse Happy New Year.

08:02 How can I erase something interesting?

08:12 And they kept at the Norfolk hunt Stables.

08:18 Well, they kept it in the barn and eschewed far and

08:25 Remember playing in the bar and you know, who's Justin?

08:32 As I recall but to a happy New Year and you know, we called there and they had to stall and then I call to and I would walk him out there and

08:49 End

08:53 Anyway, you know, they had that had a what do you call a greenhouse?

09:17 In-ground pools seem like distant and french fries and it was just it was a lovely spot and

09:41 Turn off lights at Christmas by number one bike and

09:49 Whose black and white and

09:54 Houston

09:56 Just have a great time, you know running wild and and I used to get wet everyday.

10:04 Couldn't stay out of the water and we were at one End of Elm Street, and it was the wealthy in johansen's were next, Florida, Deb and

10:33 And you know, I spent a lot of time with Stevie and I and I became good friends fishing and we know actually traps for a while and then we can just get them and sell them. Oh, yeah, and then we we we trap near the town dump so I can dump brats to the funeral, but we'll get to go back to the day we call sailing and

11:27 Friends, you know and we would

11:37 I noticed one of the questions was the kindest to you.

11:42 Probably a call.

11:45 And my Uncle Jimmy in Scotland

11:48 Anyway, we took boleros.

12:06 Yeah, it was a different day and you know now the dumps of transfers thing anymore. I used to love to go to the dump.

12:17 So, where did you live on a farm with the metamorphs servants quarters, and it was an L shape the house I went to it and we had we had enough downstairs.

12:46 Apartment and then

12:49 To rule with the bathroom and all that stuff into them stairs up to

12:57 Two brothers one my mom had one of the head of the stairs and I had the small.

13:07 And then there was a well then there was two playroom that Natalie it had and she had

13:16 She had all sorts of.

13:19 Toys Diamond canoe birch bark canoe, you know that I thought was so cool and

13:28 And then you wouldn't further along the hall into the Pioneer authors of America and cheese.

13:44 And it was just plaque in the front yard driveway and

13:53 And I have both of Connor Adams Pioneer offers of America.

14:03 I want to say 1776 for that. I think it might actually end.

14:12 Her papers are all in the Boston Athenaeum now and

14:19 Anyway, it was being a pretty cool and Stevie Savage.

14:25 Bears news

14:33 What does the plaque you know, it was like a black granite small black granite?

14:41 Salvatore type thing and

14:47 Oh had so much fun running around and you know, I couldn't stay drive, you know, we go down to the farm to the store.

15:25 Talk some grass that kind of freaked out, you know, I would.

15:37 And the dogs

15:46 Sponsored your mom to move to the states to be their house maid housekeeper a good friends with you know, mr. Middendorf was wonderful.

16:06 Or just sort of discipline me, you know, well couple times.

16:14 One time I'll tell you that well, two stories one is the dog story. I used to get a shovel and dig holes in the car.

16:26 Disturbed tour Ford come home and hear you had a

16:31 Did you put on Bermuda shorts in on it with tall men's dress socks and bro.

16:37 And he and I would walk around, you know, we came and

16:50 And he said

16:52 10 dogs

16:56 United States hold up to it.

17:07 And anyway, so, you know, I let the dogs take the rap for that they had.

17:21 Long to drive to Half Moon driveway they had

17:31 I'm so Stephen Shortridge. Really angry.

17:53 You taught me how to ice skate. I remember and he wouldn't let me you know, and yeah, and we just roamed freely across the whole.

18:17 Yeah area.

18:20 Is plenty of land it was really quite too?

18:25 Wellington New World As far as I was concerned

18:29 And we had a good time.

18:35 Charlotte

18:40 What's the first girl I loved?

18:45 And she wanted to come up and

18:56 He wanted to swim, you know in the pool.

19:04 So true, you know.

19:06 Coming up and they had five kids and no.

19:13 And

19:16 So they will come out and buy one.

19:27 George Strait

19:33 Freewheeling

19:35 No, just got you.

19:37 Know about bikes

19:44 What causes a dog's you know, really like them?

19:52 For me, you know, I used to take them out to the paddock and turn them loose.

20:08 And

20:11 With the dogs with everywhere I went you know, and

20:18 And

20:20 And if I said, you know that we had a stream nearby fishing and

20:31 I was just a good good guy.

20:35 Good job for 5 years.

20:38 A member of the old world before you

20:49 And we would walk, you know.

20:57 The field and

21:00 Huge Daya

21:03 You hear that Meadowlark?

21:06 Yeah.

21:12 Lovely walk seems very kind to me. Give me Uncle Jimmy and I married you want six.

21:47 It was painted eyes Jimmy down the street. He said these two sisters and one of them has a little boy and left her husband.

22:22 Sisters

22:27 And we lived upstairs.

22:37 And it had been a rough. It was a mining term. Actually. It was pretty serious.

22:50 This was my uncle took it over.

22:53 They had like a trough along the along the bar had black lung. Yeah, well.

23:09 I'm sure a lot of them did have black and

23:23 But I remember to head that it also had a big backyard, you know, and and pulling in and and

23:56 Near barrel and

24:01 And yeah, I member living upstairs too and

24:07 I always wanted a night, you know and still.

24:18 Remember

24:20 Jimmy gave me a knife and a Big Chief and you know.

24:49 Becoming myself

25:06 Anyway, I want to know I wanted a knife I used to make in New World.

25:19 What are we do is to slight, you know, Roofing slate and

25:27 I'll give a stick and I split it part way down.

25:32 And then I put the splayed in there and then tie off blow the flick and above this way with with spring.

25:41 And you know how to whip them.

25:46 End

25:49 Anyway

25:51 So what do you remember about your mom preparation for the move for you or just in general for my planning what you worried about something? I don't know.

26:14 Because I read somewhere that or somebody told her at that. Do you know?

26:27 So yeah, we brought him steamer trunk or under.

26:44 2 / store and then

26:49 And then I'm not sure.

26:54 I just do remember that.

27:02 I Need My Monster, thanks. Mr. Bruce. Do and Joe was The Gardener's and they're the ones.

27:12 Adga

27:15 And you know, they must have loaded those trunks into the

27:21 Will they take this off in a 1958?

27:27 Chrysler New Yorker 50 miles long

27:39 William Crawford

27:44 An iPod everything was big earthquake fault, and I just remember thinking

28:05 Self

28:07 And yeah, I mean that was the New World.

28:12 India

28:16 Well Highlander.

28:31 End

28:35 American Kids jeans and Smith pliers and high tops and

28:58 Yes. But I would wear on Thanksgiving Christmas, you know and

29:12 You don't have

29:26 No, you know I'm in the school teachers and superintendent.

29:39 And he would knew you know if I was.

29:44 Passion bars and clubs dinner party so you could have Muse there. They would have guessed they would have

30:04 I was purely verbal, you know and a conversationalist.

30:11 They would have dinner parties my mother would she know so if we didn't at the time and she would come in and

30:28 And then after that after dinner, you know, they would say they would say off.

30:36 For sure you have bugs in your pocket in my Crocs and I Don't Know Jack with her.

30:58 I still have to stop at Scottsboro there and

31:04 So are sorted added you to their family and then she went for more of what do you remember about that?

31:29 And so my mother, you know working Natalie in Laughlin.

31:36 And

31:38 Finally, they broke up jerseys.

31:52 And

31:53 That last year or so my mother kind of took over 101.

31:59 And

32:02 And

32:05 Anyway, you know, so she went from being a magician with amazed uniform and all that sort of stuff after a while and

32:16 You know, I mean they gave her a car if you had a Buick special must have weighed 5000 lb huge convertible.

32:30 As she did a lot of driving mr. Mittendorf into Boston to Logan Airport, and cuz he used to fly all the place and time.

32:44 You know, I can't remember if she did try or not. He got he got her first car.

32:54 Who is a very odd singer BorgWarner or something like that?

33:01 Did the family try to do anything about Mrs. Middendorf's alcohol? Yeah, they used to send her to the shoes to go to Westwood Lodge all the time and they would dryer out and they did Electro convulsive therapy there too, you know really nasty, you know, it was and should come back and she'd be kind of like a song for a while and

33:24 An educational ishi wood

33:29 My mother happy is my mother had any beer or anything in the house yet kind of hide it with drinking and

33:47 And stone member my mother.

33:58 Anyway, and then they split up she moved to New York and he moved to a little bit move to the Bernardsville, New Jersey and

34:11 And that's where I last so now right down there with

34:17 And

34:20 Yeah.

34:34 You know.

34:37 Scott's taxi or on the table and

34:54 She up. How much time do we have left?

35:00 5 minutes. Do you want to briefly talk about your first Your Favorite Christmas Memories?

35:07 Is Father Christmas leaving toys at the foot of your bed? Oh, yeah, I still have those strong image of waking up cuz you have my mom.

35:17 They will put the toys on the bed at the foot of the bed and

35:22 I never waking up.

35:27 MC. Mr. Grey helicopter

35:32 I think I should do.

35:39 And then what were most presents wrapped or you talking about on Christmas you have to go to church and you have to have Christmas dinner and then you help in the present and we're Catholics and we were Catholics and

36:09 Yeah, we wake up, you know, and we had to go to would have breakfast and then we go to church and you know.

36:19 Near I just wanted to get back home and working your mom got in touch with one another to my mother to Boston.

36:46 And I don't know why she why should pick 4 Wilds Frontier family. How do you think that's a lie?

37:23 No, she was born in.

37:33 Catholic civic duty, because other jobs were held for American women, you know.

37:56 And then I'm supposed to be.

37:59 One of the ways to

38:13 One of the only ways that you can come.

38:24 Where we were living with our little Community with you know, I don't work. You got a PhD, you know, she worked her way up and then lady.

39:03 And she never remarried no, no.

39:08 NPI number saying they treated the one I have to

39:12 Not really sure me but some other guy, you know bossing me around and stuff like that show up. What are you doing?

39:33 Wallpaper out of some information. Did you have a happy childhood a lot of fun? And my mother was very liberal.

39:51 And your mommy and I are

40:00 Okay.

40:04 Thank you.