Emmanuel Adebanjo and his dad Isaac Adebanjo talk about the process of Immigration and Change

Recorded June 4, 2018 Archived June 4, 2018 33:40 minutes
Id: APP502250


In this interview, conducted in June 2, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Emmanuel Adebanjo (18) interviews his father Isaac Adebanjo (59) about his journey and lessons learned from Nigeria to America. My dad shares his stories about his childhood, inspirations and beliefs. He also talks about the postives and negatives about living in America, seeing his dad develop his own ideas and how it inspired him and his greatest fear. At the end, my dad gives advice and suggestions to my generation at (30 min) advising my generation and I to listen to our parent and dream big and pursue it.


  • Isaac Adebanjo
  • Emmanuel Adebanjo

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