Interiew with Epitasia Ruizsauazo

Recorded June 30, 2018 Archived June 30, 2018 22:38 minutes
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Id: APP509441


In this unedited interview, Epitasia Ruizsauazo talks about her experience coming to the United States with a permit that allowed her and her whole family to immigrate and escape from the crime and delinquency in Chiguagua, Mexico. Immigrating to the United States wasn't hard, what was hard was trying to assimilate to a whole new culture. Learning a new language, traditions, holidays, seasons, etc. It was a long process to be able to find a job and she faced discrimination and other racial comments. Even through all the struggles she faced she was a strong woman that worked in different places like cleaning offices, cooking in a restaurants and more, she was able to reach her goals to give her family a better life.


  • Epitasia Ruizsauzo