Eric Newman and Drew Newman

Recorded February 9, 2022 Archived February 9, 2022 40:17 minutes
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Drew Newman (40) interviews his father, Eric Newman (73), about their family business in cigar manufacturing, and the history of the cigar industry in Tampa, FL.

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DN talks about Tampa being known as "Cigar City." EN describes his earliest memories of their family business.
EN talks about working in packaging and procurement after moving up in the company. He describes how the cigar industry changed in Tampa over the decades.
EN describes a difficult transition for the company during the '80s, after which the company wasn't profitable for four years.
DN asks EN if he is going to retire. EN describes the generations of family who have worked at the company.
EN describes what cigars mean to the history and culture of Tampa. He considers what he would want to tell future generations about their family history.


  • Eric Newman
  • Drew Newman

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Center For Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation