Eric Payne and Mia Raquel

Recorded February 28, 2020 Archived February 28, 2020 32:20 minutes
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Eric Payne (35) talks to facilitator Mia Raquel (24) about growing up in Fresno and working to give back to his community. He describes some of the struggles faced by members of his community, analyzes the underrepresentation of black and African American folks in his community and school district, and talks about his involvement as an elected official.

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EP traces his family's roots on his mother and father's side in Louisiana and Tennessee.
EP describes some of the struggles of the community where he grew up in Fresno.
EP talks about his mother's involvement with creating change in their community.
EP discusses underrepresentation of people of color in his school, as well as his choice to get involved in the STEM field.
EP recalls being elected to political office and becoming the first person of color on his community college board.
EP talks about a new community college coming to West Fresno.
EP discusses his motivation to advocate for his community and shares about his relationship with his mother.
EP gives advice to his younger self.
EP shares what he likes about Fresno.


  • Eric Payne (b. 1984)
  • Mia Raquel (b. 1995)

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