Erica Opstad and Keith Opstad

Recorded January 22, 2020 Archived January 23, 2020 36:11 minutes
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Erica Opstad (49) speaks with her husband and best friend Keith Opstad (48) about the people who fostered artistic interests in their childhood, Keith's impact as a high school arts teacher, and the lessons they take from these experiences into parenting and their daily family life.

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KO and EO speak about parents and educators who fostered their interest in art. EO recalls organizing and hosting a mock Olympic Opening Ceremony at school in the 6th grade.
KO speaks about making the decision to be an art educator, and expresses his love of fostering creativity in other kids by building problem solving and alternative thinking skills. EO speaks about the way KO inspires their son to do what he loves, and his role as a coach for students.
EO recalls first meeting KO, and the first time they brought their son to the New Children's Museum. They discuss the fluidity of "unstructured play" in the museum, and how inclusive it is for children to explore curiosity and creativity.
EO and KO discuss the growth they've seen in both the museum and KO's students. KO discusses empathy vs. sympathy and the way he embraces students' desires to try to make a living from art.
EO and KO speak about encouraging others to explore art, and being an example for others with their attitude of being "kids at heart." They discuss the way KO teaches students with various methods and promoting a "can do" mindset.
KO speaks about his role on the city's arts commission, and his passion. KO and EO discuss how the "power of play" brings diverse cultures together, and how it has shaped the city of San Diego. They discuss the need for more "craft"-oriented educational experiences, and different learning styles.
They speak about cultural events in San Diego, such as the comic book conventions they enjoy. They share praise for the museum staff and recall some favorite moments at the museum's gala.
KO and EO share their hopes for their son's future and their gratitude for art in their lives.


  • Erica Opstad (b. 1970)
  • Keith Opstad (b. 1971)

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The New Children's Museum

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