Erielle Guilleguitan and Abigail Countryman shared their thoughts and memories to each other.

Recorded January 8, 2018 Archived January 8, 2018 08:50 minutes
Id: APP457631


In this interview, that was conducted in November 2017 in Oppenheim, New York. Erielle Guilleguitan (17) interviewed her friend Abigail Countryman (16) about herself. Ms. Countryman shared her stories about childhood, school, and family. She’s involved in school clubs such as sports, jazz band, and National Honor Society. She also shared her thoughts about what she wanted to be in the future, some of her goals, and also her thoughts about our president today. At the last minute of the interview, Ms. Countryman shared her worries about the interview and how grateful she was to have a talk with her friend whome she haven’t seen for quiet some time.


  • Abigail Countryman

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