Erik Gray and Robin Miller

Recorded June 7, 2021 Archived June 7, 2021 43:24 minutes
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Erik Gray (30) and friend and colleague Robin Miller (49) have a conversation about how they met, their work within the anti-trafficking community, the sense of value in their chosen field and gaps in service provided to those violated in commercial trafficking.

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RM recalls how she met EG at a survivor leadership concert. They describe 1st impressions of one another and the impact of the conference with finding a sense of belonging. EG shares the importance of a cultural call during the conference.
EG talks about the fight for visibility within the anti-trafficking movement itself and within service providers to survivors. EG talk about EG's childhood, hopes and dreams growing up. EG wanted to be in the military and help family to become more economically secure, and thoughts of how life was different than imagined. EG shares feelings around childhood trafficking.
EG describes how EG's dream materialized into an unexpected reality. EG describes putting up American flags all over the walls as symbol of one day being a naval officer and how it would never would've entered the imagination that the red strips would come to represent the violence, blood, and pain experience as trafficked individual.
EG describes the deep loss to a community when individuals are violated in commercial trafficking. EG shares work/role in anti-trafficking advocacy. EG shares EG's participation in direct service work and volunteering with domestic violence centers, youth of color shelter. EG also shares the discovery of a health diagnosis and its impact and the difficulty in retaining human service benefits and community resources.
EG describes a meaningful encounter with a parent and child and the value of serving. EG shares thoughts on community and finding internal value.
EG has another moment of sharing a incredible sense of resilience, describing pain as beautiful and having limitless amount of love. EG talks about the deep connection to advocacy work and describe inspiring individuals as untold heroes of America.
EG describes the meaning of a "drop trap" and being inspired by an individual that spoke shamelessly about their experience.
EG discusses how anti-trafficking work is viewed and present day gaps in service. EG describes a specific approach to trafficking work and the value of servicing any and all demographics and share how a lack of service enhances stigma and necessitates victim blaming.
EG and RM share proud moments in life and work


  • Erik Gray
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