Erika N. and Hugh Murray

Recorded January 19, 2023 Archived January 19, 2023 50:44 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Erika N. (66) and Hugh Murray (81) talk about LGBTQ+ issues, diversity in their lives and value sets, and their shared troubled feelings about lies being pervasive in the US.

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Hugh explains how he became deeply religious.
Erika explains "gender non-binary" to Hugh.
Erika shares why she chose to do this interview today, and her family's political context.
Hugh shares his love of history.
Erika speaks to how her small town growing up shaped her values.
Hugh shares his opinions about trends in the Republican Party.
Erika asks Hugh how he felt seeing an interracial couple in church.
Erika asks Hugh one thing he learned about her today.


  • Erika N.
  • Hugh Murray

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