Erin Hernandez and her mother Lhorlee Hernandez talks about immigrating to the United States for the first time.

Recorded December 1, 2019 Archived December 1, 2019 07:25 minutes
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Conducted on December 2019 at Plano, Texas, this interview between Erin Hernandez (16) and her mom Lhorlee Hernandez (39) talks about the experiences and hardships in immigrating to the land of the United States. Mrs. Hernandez details her journey on what it was like to move to an entirely different country, including her self-reflections about the home she left in favor of moving to a place of financial abundance. She also shares her opinions on being an immigrant in this land. The end of the interview is about the mother’s wish for her children’s future in living here at the United States


  • Erin Hernandez
  • Lhorlee Hernandez

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