Escaping from the Nazis

Recorded January 14, 2019 Archived January 14, 2019 12:47 minutes
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“My grandmother didn’t want to leave, and my mother, very bravely at age 24 went back to Prague and got her mother and her younger sister Mimi out of Prague with great difficulty… on the last train before Hitler marched in….The train was stopped and the Nazis got on.” In minute 2, Jacqueline Gestetner begins to tell her family’s escape story from Prague to London in the Holocaust. In this interview, Tamsin (14) spoke with her grandmother about both her own and her family’s experience of escape during the Holocaust to run from the Nazis. They speak about their long trek to London and the struggles that got her there. They touch on the horrors of the Holocaust and what it’s truly like to escape in the middle of the night.


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