Essay on history to the maximum: step by step instructions

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First of all, it is worth saying that strict adherence to the required format and careful study of the assignment itself can help you a lot. To understand what the developers want from you, read ALL that is written in the assignment. Take your time! From my own experience, I can say that it is very likely to miss key points and requirements after the first reading of the essay.

Writing format

It is important to note here that you should not expect special attention to the use of various cliches or features when write my paper on the part of the commission members, however, there are some general recommendations for each paragraph. There are five of them in total. Now we will analyze in detail each of them by the criteria.

1 paragraph should begin with the phrase: “The analyzed period is very important in US history.” Here, very little is required of you: just specify 2 events/processes (preferably concerning a specific date) that fit into the framework of the period, without detailed disclosure. The bottom line - 1 criterion is already in your pocket!

Paragraph 2 should contain disclosure of the roles of two historical personalities associated with the above events. The algorithm here is this: 1 person - a role in 1 event; 2 person - role in 2 events. At this step, students very often encounter the complexity of interpreting the very concept of “role in an event”. Everything is very simple: the role of a person in an event is his specific actions (orders, command of troops, negotiations, etc.) that influenced this event and are directly related to it.

3 paragraphs can be called the most difficult in terms of scoring, and now we will figure out why. It requires you to indicate two causal relationships within the selected period. What does it mean? You need to take 2 more new (!) Events (processes, phenomena) and indicate the other 2 events that they influenced, indicating a causal relationship. Sounds scary, right? Although in reality, everything is very simple!

Paragraph 4 should contain a historical assessment of the significance of the period based on facts or authoritative opinion. Here you have 2 options: either you generally assess the significance of the period by “throwing” into the text the facts of its impact on other events (in this regard, you can go beyond the upper limits of the period and describe its impact on future events), or you memorize in advance opinions of famous historians for all periods and indicate them.

In paragraph 5 you conclude the entire essay with the classic “the significance of this period for US history cannot be overestimated because of ...”. And again the score!

In general, compliance with this format will provide you with 7 points out of 11 possible. Another point concerns the use of historical terms and concepts, you will receive 2 points for the absence of factual errors and the last point for the form of presentation. Finally, the most important thing is not to get lost in a large number of facts and be sure to indicate specific dates and facts that will not cause the slightest doubt in the commission!


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